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The best price of Pista in Pakistan is Rs. 0.70 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,824.


Pistas are tasty seeds and can be eaten fresh, roasted or as part of prepared foods. As is common with many dry fruits, pistas are also from a higher price point.


Pista (pistachio)

A member of the cashew family and originating in a region from the Middle East to Central Asia. Pistas are the tasty seeds produced by the tree, which are often roasted for consumption. Archaeologists have discovered that this was a common food as early as 6750 BCE. From 2017 onward, Iran accounts for over half the total production of pistas in the world.

As with other dry fruits, pistas are high in nutritional value. Full of various vitamins and minerals. They also have fats, protein and carbohydrates. Eating pistas regularly is good for the health but only in nominal amounts of consumption. Studies suggest, not prove, that most nuts are good for heart health. Also, consumption seems to reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure in persons without diabetes.

Poorly harvested pistas can have aflatoxins, these are highly carcinogenic (promote formation of cancer) chemicals. This is more of a risk in humid regions. Pistas contain urushiol which can cause allergic reactions.

Pistas are used in a variety of manner. Common uses include icecream, kulfi, halva and baklava. A relatively expensive snack, pistas are from a higher price point in comparison to other such snacks.

Price List

Model Price
Pista (Pistachio) - Salted - 1 Kilo grams / AL - … Rs. 3,597
Pista Giri - Pistachio - Premium Quality - 500gm Rs. 3,000
Rewari Sohan Halwa - Pista - Multan - 500gm Rs. 949
Short silk pista Green button down shirt Rs. 1,999
Pistachio,Pista,Salted [ 250gm Packs ] Gift Box B… Rs. 800
Self pista green tailored smart fit shirt Rs. 3,895
Pista (Pistachio)-Without Salt-1kg(4x250grams) Rs. 3,264
Pista Green 2 Piece Stitched - ALT-2PS-LKS-1016 Rs. 4,912.50
PistachioWithoutShell(Pista)250gm Rs. 1,550
Pista Jacquard 4 Border Shawl For Her SHL-165-11 Rs. 1,650
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