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The best price of Pizza Pan in Pakistan is Rs. 2,150 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,716.


A pizza pan is a fuss-free and easy method of pizza baking at home which only involves a few steps and utensils. These pans come in electric, gas and stovetop variety where the most popular choice is the electric one. The best thing about these pans is that aside from pizzas you can bake a variety of foods and also reheat leftovers in them. Order one online from any of our trusted websites and make this delectable Italian goodness at home. Just make sure to buy the non-stick, dishwasher safe variety. Read on for suggestions on the best brands and also to find out what else you can bake to perfection in a pizza pan!


Pizza is amongst the most popular foods in the world and is loved by people of all ages. Traditionally pizzas were baked in a wood-fired brick oven whereas modern methods involve quick and convenient ways like a stovetop pan that can even be used in home kitchens. Westpoint, Sinbo and Anex are selling great quality and versatile pizza pans with durable glass lids at affordable prices in Pakistan. 

Types of Pizza Pans

They can in a wide array of options from different shapes and depths to materials including cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium and a combination of steel and aluminium. Cast iron pans add a richer flavour to the pizza crust and are the most durable. Though almost indestructible, they might be too heavy for some people.

Lightweight perforated stainless steel pans come with small holes all over for even distribution of heat. They are cheaper and may work for people who like the Newyork style pizzas with thin crusts. Those who prefer thick crust can opt for the deep pan variety for baking Chicago style pizza. 

Pizza Pan Vs Stone Vs Screen

Pizza stones are the most expensive out of the three and are difficult to manage because of being flat-surfaced and without handles. Screens are great for thin-crust pizzas but pans are the most versatile out of the three as you can interchange the plates for a thin or thick crust whenever you prefer. 

10 Things You Can Bake in a Pizza Pan

Most people deem pizza pans to be specific appliances that can only be used to bake pizzas. You can bake a variety of other things using the same pan and if done the right way, the result will be similar to conventional ovens. Here are ten things that you can easily bake in a pizza pan. 

1. Pizza

Of course, the first thing you will think of baking in a pan is a pizza. The method is simple and easy. Just roll out the dough on the pan, add toppings and sauces and cook at the preferred temperature for 8 to 10 minutes. For a crispier crust, bake the crust for a minute or two before adding any toppings, then cook for another 8 or 10 minutes with the toppings. The result will be a crispy crust and a delicious perfectly baked pizza.

2. Naan 

The traditional Pakistani style flatbread can be baked at home in the same pan. Place the rolled out dough onto the pizza pan and cook until the bottom side is golden brown. You would know when to flip the dough as soon as large bubbles start forming on the top. Flip and cook the other side until it turns golden brown. Serve plain, topped or stuffed with cheese or brush with melted butter and a sprinkle of herbs.

3. Cheese Toast

A pan is a simple way of making a quick cheese toast when you are in a hurry.  Place a bread slice, top it with cheese and herbs and another slice of bread. Lightly brush the outside with butter and bake till the cheese melts and the bread turns golden brown.

4. Veggie Tots

A healthy snack the whole family will enjoy, Veggie tots take several minutes to cook in a pizza pan but once they are done, you'll never cook them in the oven again. Mix in peeled and grated potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots, onions, garlic as well as bread crumbs, parsley, spices, salt, cheese, pepper and flax eggs etc. Take out tablespoons of the mixture and mould in tater tot shape until you get several small bite-sized tots. Bake till golden brown and don't forget to flip them halfway through. The result is soft on the inside and crispy on the outside delicious veggie tots.                  

5. Pies

From apple, blueberry pies to savoury vegetable or chicken pies, you can cook a variety of pies in a pizza pan. You can also stuff sweet pies with nuts, chocolate, fruits etc and add meat and other stuffing ingredients to the savoury ones. 

6. Cookies

Aromatic and soft chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon cookies can be baked easily on these flat-surfaced pans. The result is a delicious crispy exterior and a chewy interior.

7. Pancakes

You can make pancakes just like you would on a stovetop skillet. Just the cooking time may vary that might take getting used to. Other than that, pancakes can easily be made in a pan.

8. Brownies

Brownies cooked in the deep pan variety come out as good as the oven-baked ones. Add chocolate chips, nuts and Nutella to the mixture for an extra rich texture. Bake till the brownies are done from all sides. Top with chocolate chips and shavings once the brownies have cooled down completely.  

9. Croissants

Popular breakfast item, croissants can be baked in a pizza pan plain or with chocolate. cheese or Nutella filling. Those who prefer savoury foods can add meats, cheese or herbs as stuffing.

10. Lasagne

In a deep pizza pan, layer the pasta and precooked minced beef as well all other ingredients like you would do for a regular in-oven lasagne. Bake to perfection until the cheese has melted.

Helpful Tips

1. For reducing the risk of sticking, grease the pan with a little olive oil even if it is the non-stick kind.

2. Greasing will also deliver an enhanced flavour and texture to the crust.

3. Opt for the non-stick and dishwasher safe variety for easy cleaning and fuss-free cooking.

4. For oven cooking, the colour of the pan also plays a role in cooking time. Darker ones absorb more heat and are suitable for thin-crust pizzas

5. Light coloured pans are great for baking thick-crust pizzas as these pans take longer to heat.

Happy Baking!

Price List

Model Price
WestPoint Pizza Pan and Grill WF3166 Rs. 8,700
Anex 1400 Watts Deluxe Pizza Pan AG 3063 Rs. 7,500
Anex 1400 Watts Deluxe Pizza Pan AG 3063 Rs. 7,500
Sinbo Pizza Pan Rs. 2,150
Anex Pizza Pan And Grill AG-3063 Rs. 6,983
Anex AG-3064 Deluxe Pizza Pan Rs. 5,740
Sinbo SP-5204 Pizza Pan Black Rs. 2,700
Anex AG-3064 Pizza Pan and Grill (40 CM) Rs. 7,425
Anex 1400 Watts Deluxe Pizza Pan AG 3063 Rs. 7,500
Anex 3063 Deluxe Pizza Pan And Grill Rs. 6,236
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