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Portable proectors that run on batteries are called pocket projectors. These are very convenient devices that can be taken along easily. Various brands build them and with a range of features. One can choose a pocket projector based on their need and the budget they have in mind. Generally, pocket projectors are in the mid to high ranges.


Pocket Projector

There are a lot of pocket-sized projectors available. These are powered by a battery so one can take them anywhere and have their entertainment sorted. The power of a pocket projector is naturally less than a full-sized one, but still, they have ample beef for a large-sized projection. The largest projection size is usually somewhere around a little over a 100 inches for portable projectors.

Connectivity varies with pocket projectors, there are ones with WiFi and also mini-HDMI. Some even have the full sized HDMI port. One can use their smartphone as a souce as well, making it very convenient to stream on the go.

Things to consider

When purchasing a projector one needs to keep in mind what the resolution is, the contrast ratio, connectivity options and most importantly the lumens. This last term is the most important as it tells you how powerful the lamp is, this affects everything else.

The higher the lumens the more powerful a projector is and the less dark it needs to be for it to be clearly visible. With a pocket projector, it is still built for a dark environment as the power they have is not enough to have enough brightness for the daytime.

The resolution of a projector lets you know whether it can handle HD level quality or not. So this really depends on what kind of content you watch, if a projector is just needed for a presentation then you can have something with lower resolution. But if you want to stream the latest movies in high resolution then you need something HD and above.

The connectivity options are important and the more they are the better. These can be any mix of a USB, HDMI, SD card or WiFi. WiFi means you can stream directly onto the device too. With how we consume content today from websites such as Netflix, this feature is convenient. The SD card option is also useful as it allows you to play media off it. This saves one the hassle of more wires.

Audio is another consideration. Portable projectors come with mini-speakers in them but this is not nearly enough for a good experience. They also do have an auxiliary output that one can connect a sound system or headphones. Some models also have bluetooth pairing that can make it easy to connect a bluetooth speaker.

Battery timing is something one needs to keep in mind as well. It can vary from 2 hours to 4, these are estimates and the exact size of a pocket projector will effect it. Also it changes based on whether one is using the WiFi and Bluetooth functions, as they also require power.


There are many different brands that produce pocket projectors. The best models are from ViewSonic, Sony, Kodak, Xiaomi, Optoma, Anker, Vankyo, LG, Epson and AAXA.

The prices vary but generally this is a mid to high range product. The features are somewhat different from model to model but general functionality is similar. One can choose based on the specifications they need or prefer and their budget.

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