Polac Pineapple Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Polac Pineapple in Pakistan is Rs. 235 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,046.


Polac imports fresh canned foods from the Philippines and Thailand that include fruits and vegetables. The long shelf life and superior taste of being preserved in heavy syrup can be used to prepare meals or incorporated into deserts. Exotic fruit flavours such as Polac Pineapple and Fruit Cocktail are popular as custard and cake dessert toppings in Pakistan.


Size & Packaging  

Polac Pineapple comes in Full Slices Ring and Broken Slices in a variety of can sizes from the largest being 3kg, medium sizes include 836gm and 565gm, the smallest size is 234gm. Pineapple also is known as ananas comosus is originally from South America having travelled all over the world and grown in many different regions now. It can be used as a dessert topping on cheesecakes, sponge cakes, custards and jellies. Also used on savoury dishes such as pizza and grilled skewers enjoyed as a complimentary ingredient in meat dishes.

Product Range 

Experts in snacks and meal prep the Polac product range include Sweet Corn, Mushrooms, Jalapeno Peppers and Black Olives. The popular Sweetened Condensed Milk is available in small cans of 390gm and a larger family size of 1kg for deserts. There are the Orange and Peach Float Drinks that are also a tasty treat.

Price List

Model Price
Polac Pineapple Rs. 235
Polac pineapple slices 3kg Rs. 2,720
Polac Pineapple Broken Tin 565g Rs. 900
Polac Pineapple Slice Tin 565gm Rs. 330
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