Polarized Sunglasses Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Polarized Sunglasses in Pakistan is Rs. 1,880 and estimated average price is Rs. 27,013.


A feature in sunglasses that specifically helps reduce glare. This can be very useful in certain situations where a high level of focus and clarity are needed, such as for pilots flying planes. The price of polarized sunglasses depends on which brand one purchases them from and most of the leading brands make sunglasses with this feature.


Polarized Sunglasses 

The idea behind this is innovation is simple. Polarized sunglasses have small filters that have openings for verticle light only. This means that only the light rays coming towards the eye directly will be allowed through the lens. All the horizontal light will be reduced, which can be very helpful in situations requiring high focus such as while piloting an aeroplane or a boat.

The initial idea was in fact adopted by Ray-Ban to create better glasses for airforce pilots. The level of glare in the sky can be too much to take, even with goggles. The polarized sunglasses called the Aviators created by Ray-Ban were the go-to glasses for such situations.

Today a lot of other sunglasses brands use polarized lenses. It has been a useful feature aside from the tactile importance, it is widely used in the sporting world as well as by regular users who may have a sensitivity to light.

Keep in mind, polarized lenses do not mean they protect you from UV-rays, that is a separate feature with sunglasses.


One could buy polarized sunglasses from any number of brands, including Ray-Ban, Police and Oakley. 

The price of polarized sunglasses depends on the brand, one can find something cheap as well as something very expensive.

Price List

Model Price
RayBan Folding Non-Polarized Women's Sunglasses R… Rs. 31,499
RayBan New Wayfarer Non-Polarized Women's Sunglas… Rs. 22,349
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Tie Breaker Sunglasse… Rs. 24,999
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Feedback Sunglasses (… Rs. 29,149
RayBan Non-Polarized Women's Sunglasses RB3025 58 Rs. 21,749
RayBan Erika Non-Polarized Women's Sunglasses RB4… Rs. 26,449
RayBan Polarized Women's Sunglasses RB4068 60 Rs. 19,999
Oakley Womens Non-Polarized Hold On Sunglasses (9… Rs. 23,949
Oakley Women Polarized Feedback Haze Sunglasses (… Rs. 35,049
RayBan Polarized Folding Wayfarer Women's Sunglas… Rs. 25,849
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