Polygel Nail Kit Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Polygel Nail Kit in Pakistan is Rs. 1,760 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,023.


An easy to use gel nail solution, Polygel Nail Extension Kit comes with all the items required for applying gel nails at home. However, the kit does not include a UV lamp. The prices of Polygel Nail Kit in Pakistan are in the affordable range and one pack would last a long time. 


Gel nails have been in fashion for long now. They look more natural and glossier than acrylic nails hence the high demand. While a professional nail artist is required for applying and removing gel nails, with the Polygel Nail Kit it is now possible for amateurs to do it at home. However one needs a UV lamp to dry the gel nail colour as it doesn't ar dry.


The basic Polygel Nail Kit includes 10 mould tips, 1 Nail brush, 1 Poly gel 15ml tube, 1 Slip Solution 30ml and

1 Tool. There are brands that may include multiple polygel tubes in different colours or a complete set of tools for a gel manicure. 

How to Use

Most brands include an instruction manual with these kits. Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for best results. However, the basic steps are the same. Make sure to prep your nails and make them matte so the polygel adheres to the nails properly. Use rubbing alcohol to remove any dust and then proceed with the rest of the steps.

Price List

Model Price
Poly gel nail kit Rs. 2,200
5pcs/Set Quick Building Polygel Nail Extension Ki… Rs. 1,850
5pcs/Set Poly gel Nail Kit - Quick Building Polyg… Rs. 1,850
Poly gel nail kit Rs. 1,760
Poly Gell Nail Tool Extension Kit 6pcs Set Glossy… Rs. 2,499
5pcs/Set Quick Building Polygel Nail Extension Ki… Rs. 1,850
Brushype Polygel Nail Kit 13pcs Poly Gel Nail Ext… Rs. 2,499
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