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The polythene bag is used commonly by shops and grocery stores at checkout to bag items and products so that customers can carry them out. These polythene bags are also used by clothing stores, consumer good stores and about any commercial enterprise that requires selling products to customers. They are sold wholesale so that anyone can buy the bulk stock of polythene bags for their shop.



The polythene bag is used to store items at home and are reusable by the whole family. There are various sizes available and different designs that include top handle plastic bags that are durable and able to carry heavy items easily. The slip design has a resealable sticky tape or a ziplock system to seal items inside protecting them from dust and fungus.  


The polythene bag material is waterproof but not heatproof it is recommended to not place very hot items inside polythene as it might melt due to the heat tearing easily if weakened. When items are inside the bag they will be protected from dirt, pollution or rain. The weatherproof plastic material creates a protective layer over the items. 

Waste Management 

It is important to note that polythene bag needs proper waste management so be sure to recycle them to protect the environment as much as possible at home and at the shops. There are various transparencies and colours available in polythene bags ranging from bright colours to clear sheets that make it easy to organise items. Polythene bags are best suited for placing inside trash cans and dust bins as they are leakproof and can easily accumulate waste at home depending on the size and durability will not rot or weaken due to decaying waste. 

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