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Ponds BB cream is one of the most sought after beauty products in Pakistan. Adults and younger lot all like to wear BB creams to enhance their skin tone as well as to nourish it. You can use it daily to cover light to medium skin blemishes or just to give a natural glow to the skin. Ponds BB cream price in Pakistan is in the affordable range and many people swear by its results and flawless finish.


Ponds BB Cream Uses

BB creams are Blemish Balms and they are great for low to medium coverage of skin blemishes. The shade range by Ponds includes two options in 01 Original that is for fair to medium skin tones and 02 Medium for medium to darker skin tones.

1. BB creams by Ponds are formulated with skin-nourishing nutrients as well as skin brightening elements.

2. This BB cream works low key as a foundation without giving a feel of a thick layer of makeup.

3. For normal to medium blemishes, Ponds works great in hiding them but for serious imperfections, opt for the high-end BB creams like Loreal and Garnier, 

4. You can mix this BB cream with your favourite foundation to create a flawless and dewy makeup base

5. It enhances your skin's texture and complexion, giving it a youthful radiance and glow. 

6. Some of the Ponds BB creams contain SPF properties that protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun. 

Tips & Comments

With so many benefits, the Ponds BB cream can be another great addition to your makeup kit or beauty bag. By using this cream in place of a foundation every day you can reduce the chances of damaging your skin which is more likely with foundations. The lightweight texture is great on all skin types and can be used every day. Make sure to wash it off before going to bed as even though BB creams contain skin-nourishing properties, they are still a makeup product. They need to be properly removed before sleeping.


No matter whichever BB or CC cream brand you go for, make sure it does not contain any harmful ingredients because some of these products can have oxybenzone and Vitamin A derivatives. Both these elements are known to cause hormonal disruption and skin cancer. 

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