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The best price of Potato Cutter in Pakistan is Rs. 100 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,141.


Cutting potatoes can be a tedious task especially when you have a lot to cut and are short on time. Investing in a potato cutter can speed up work in the kitchen, ensure the same size every time and save you from having achy fingers. Check potato cutter prices in Pakistan and read on for the best brands and types you can find online on our website.


The Need

The newer cutters come with interchangeable blades and plates that help cut potatoes in different shapes and sizes. They also help enhance the way we present food and make it look impressive. Apart from cutting and slicing potatoes, you can also slice or dice other vegetables and fruits with a potato cutting machine, depending on its design.

Potato cutting machines can have plastic, steel or wooden bodies but come with sharp stainless steel blades that help cut vegetables and fruits in wedges, slices, cubes or julienne strips. You can quickly make French fries and salads or cut vegetables and fruits for desserts and snacks. The cutting machine makes things easy and safe for users and makes kitchen tasks speedy.

Potato Cutter Brands & Types

Anex, Westpoint, Hommold Kims, Nicer Dicer, Bosch and Philips have excellent potato cutters for chips with stainless steel blades. They are all priced nominally and an even economical option would be Chinese brands like Joom and Big Stitch. Here are the type of cutters you will find on the market. 

1. Spiral potato cutter

2. French fries cutter

3. Wedges cutter

4. Chipper machine

5. Curly potato cutter

6. All-in-one design

Most cutting machines are compact and come in tabletop designs that don't take much space so are easy to store. Operating the machine is easy and cleaning it is also not a big deal. Some designs are dishwasher safe so you can easily run them through the dishwashing cycle.

Price List

Model Price
High Quality Crinkle Fries Cutter Knife with Hand… Rs. 499
Wavy Blade Cutting Knife with Wooden Handle/Frenc… Rs. 350
Kimms Classic French Fries Potato Chips Cutter Rs. 1,525
Spiral Potato Cutter Rs. 1,600
Anex - Potato Cutter - 4 (SNS) Rs. 1,599
Anex AG-04 Deluxe Potato Cutter Rs. 2,400
Spiral Potato Cutter Machine Rs. 980
ANEX Potato Cutter AG-04 Rs. 1,650
Multifunctional Stainless Steel Potato Wavy Knife… Rs. 349
Potato Spiral Slicer Rs. 1,749
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