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The best price of Power Banks in Pakistan is Rs. 630 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,184.


Power banks are a great help with all the power-hungry portable devices we carry today. Most devices have a battery time that is limiting, a power bank can help with that. Even the most basic ones can add another 2 hours or so to your phone time. A more powerful one could have you covered with a week of phone charges. Available in various power ratings and designs, from a host of brands.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient power supply


  • Larger ones are heavy/bulky


How it works and why it is needed

Despite all the advances in technology, batteries are still lacking and power banks are making up for the energy lack with all our portable devices. Based on the Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer battery, power banks come in varied power ratings that define how much portable power they can house within. The Lithium-Polymer ones are usually a bit more expensive and have larger cells so they can store more power and have a better overall life period. Power bank power ratings are expressed in 'mAh', the higher the number-value alongside the more electricity it can carry and put out. There are some massive ones that could last a whole week without needing a power outlet and strong enough to charge a laptop even. But the downside is they are bulky so not as easy to cart around. Available in so many shapes and sizes, which is better for you depends on how much power you need and what amount of trade-off you are willing to make between the power and the size/shape.

Compatibility and convenience

Compatible with nearly anything that uses a USB cable to charge from smartphones to wireless headphones, power banks are great for travelling or if one is outside for a long day and might not have access to power sockets. Also sometimes it is just a matter of time, if you are leaving the house in a hurry and your phone is low on battery you could take along a power bank that will sort your charging issues. Even if it is a busy day which requires you to coordinate a lot of things on your phone the power bank will save you and keep your phone going way beyond the phone's own battery. Some have the ability to charge more than one device at the same time if required.

How a power bank charges itself

Itself requiring a USB cable connected to a wall socket or a laptop/PC to recharge and the timing required for a full charge varies from brand to the size of the power bank. There are also some power banks that can recharge off solar photovoltaic cells. This works well if one is on a long road trip or camping. Direct sunlight works best as even a little amount of shade would reduce efficiency, so it would be better to use the more sunny spots and sunnier times of the day to recharge. This solar-based recharging is more a secondary measure, brands don't recommend you use the sun for a full charge as the solar panel is quite small. It would take too much time for it to make sense (possibly up to 30 hours for a 10,000mAh power bank). Still a very useful feature in case of long periods away from power sockets to charge your power bank or in emergencies. Another style of power banks are the ones built into a phone case and these can be easier to carry as it just becomes one with the phone, but the downside is possible compatibility issues.

Wireless charging abilities

Now with wireless charging becoming more common power banks also have that ability, but make sure your device is compatible with any such power bank before purchase as this is still newer technology so it isn't as universal as jacking a USB.

Charge times and known brands

Some versions charge a phone faster than others based on the brand and if they have QuickCharge technology built into it and also how powerful the battery is. Different phones also take different amounts of time to charge which is more about the phone's battery. Although produced by too many brands the market tested and known ones include Aukey, Anker, Samsung, RAVPower, iMuto, Powerrad and Mophie to name a few.

Price List

Model Price
BASEUS Batteries iPhone SERIES Rs. 4,999
Baseus Energy Column - Wireless MP3 Car Charger -… Rs. 4,999
Rock P3 6000mah Mobile Ultra Compact Portable Pow… Rs. 2,215
Aukey Sprint Go Mini 10000mAh PD Power Bank (PB-Y… Rs. 4,550
Samsung 10000mAh 25W USB Type-C Portable Power Ba… Rs. 6,200
Remax RPP-153 10000mAh Power Bank in Pakistan Rs. 2,500
OPPO VOOC Power Bank 2 30W Rs. 4,799
Signature 16000mAh Power bank Rs. 3,400
Romoss Sense 9 25000MAH Power Bank For Smart Phon… Rs. 4,000
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