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The best price of Prema Milk in Pakistan is Rs. 209 and estimated average price is Rs. 236.


Prema Milk is a popular dairy brand in Pakistan that takes 100% fresh milk from Australian Cows kept in Pakistan. They have exclusive farms dedicated to the safe and healthy rearing of their cattle. The final formula has no additives and preservatives ensuring that it retains its natural goodness and nutrients.


Their fresh and pure milk has certified international quality control standards ensuring that it is an authorised source of nutrition for children and adults. Prema Milk is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and fats treated through a process of pasteurization. This specific milk processing treatment uses low heat and a shorter time duration to prepare the final milk product as compared to UHT.

Pasteurizing will remove harmful bacteria but not interfere with the pure taste and nutritional value of fresh milk. The entire collection and treatment process is optimised with advanced technology to prevent any human contamination. There are no additions of pooled milk, external suppliers, unregistered farms as everything is controlled by Prema Milk operations.

Product Range

The Prema Chocolate Milk is a fun and healthy drink for kids who need a quick serving of milk to stay energized and hydrated at school or during playtime. Prema Heart Right and Neutra Milk are designed to provide a high dose of nutrition without the fatty calories of whole milk. There is a range of dairy products using Prema Milk that includes sweet and plain yoghurt and two flavours of raita for lunch and dinner. The fruity flavoured yoghurt cups are great for breakfast and an ideal snack for kids.

Price List

Model Price
Prema Milk 1 Litre Rs. 245
Prema 100% Australian & Dutch Cow's Milk Rs. 230
Prema Fresh Milk 1ltr Rs. 250
Prema Milk Pasteurized 1LTR Rs. 209
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