Prestige Pan Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Prestige Pan in Pakistan is Rs. 2,275 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,282.


The Prestige brand is known for kitchenware. One can get pans from this brand as well, in varying shapes and sizes.


Having the right kind of pan can help make cooking a lot easier and the Prestige brand has many options one can choose from. A common feature is that these pans are non-stick so you can cook with ease.

There are all kinds of Prestige Pans, with some that are deeper and are essentially woks, and others that are flatter and could even be used to get your paratha ready. 

One has to make sure that non-stick pans are not heated too much as the coating is toxic and heating the pan too much can cause it to erode into the food. The handles are heat resistant so you can move your pan around without burning.

One cannot use the rough side of the cleaning sponge to clean their Prestige Pans as this scrapes the non-stick coating over time. Also, if your pan is super hot do not douse it with cold water immediately, let it cool down on its own. At the end, it can be wiped with a cloth to clean it out and if it must be washed, only a gentle wash should be done.

Price List

Model Price
Prestige Pizza Crisper 30CM Non Stick Original Pr… Rs. 3,485
Prestige Baking Biscuit Tray 16.25 x 11.5 x 0.75 … Rs. 3,900
Prestige 12 Cup Donut Pan – 28616 Rs. 3,900
Prestige 2 Circle Cake Pan 46639 Rs. 4,290
Prestige Loaf Pan 3LB – 57447(53956) Rs. 3,250
Prestige Saflon Granite Grill Pan 28cm, Pink, #SF… Rs. 7,000
Prestige Classique Milk Pan 14Cm – 20971 Rs. 4,160
Prestige Saflon Granite Grill Pan 24cm, Brown, #S… Rs. 7,300
Prestige Infinity Sauce Pan 10cm – 77393 Rs. 5,200
Prestige Classique Fry Pan 26cm 20880 Rs. 3,140
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