Prestige Tin Opener Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Prestige Tin Opener in Pakistan is Rs. 598 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,731.


Prestige has a wide range of utensils and kitchen accessories. The Prestige Tin Openers are made with high-quality materials, ensuring a long life and reliability.


The Prestige Tin Openers are made with plastic handles that are thick, this helps with gripping the tin opener while one is using it.

Prestige Tin Openers are like most other tin openers with the difference being high-quality materials. This makes them sturdy and long-lasting. There are options that do not have plastic coverings and are made like the older-style tin openers.

As with all tin openers, the Prestige Tin Openers also let you open bottles. This style of tin openers is also known as butterfly tin openers, due to their design and what that makes them look like.

Price List

Model Price
Prestige Basic Bottle Opener 54155 Rs. 1,040
Prestige Can opener 892 Rs. 2,210
Prestige Tin Cutter – 885 Rs. 598
Prestige Safety Can Opner – 893 Rs. 1,560
Prestige Basic Can Opener – 54156 Rs. 3,250
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