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The best price of Prince Biscuits in Pakistan is Rs. 26 and estimated average price is Rs. 271.


The popularity of Prince can also be credited to the motivational role model being used to advertise the biscuit. Kids look up to the Prince character who is a reliable and brave saviour to people in danger. A great mentor and role model for young impressionable children.


Everyone's Favourite Snack

All childhood memories start with the classic chocolate biscuit called Prince. The Pakistani manufacturer of Prince is Continental Biscuits Limited that was established in 1984 in Pakistan. It was originally a Joint company between Hasan Ali Khan and a french company called Group Danone. In 2007 the Kraft Foods of USA bought out the biscuits distribution from Danone owning 50.5% shares while Continental Biscuits Limited has 49.5%.

For twenty years CBL has operated the brand called LU that has many biscuit products under its name. The delicious cookies sold by CBL are highly popular and sold throughout the country and internationally. Along with Prince they also create and sell biscuits such as TUC, Candi, Bakeri, MilcoLu, Gala, Wheatable, Zeera Plus, Oreo, and Tiger. They have a variety of crackers, cream-filled recipes, plain and flavour based biscuits for snacks and tea time. Their state of the art facility is located in Sukkur with over 3000 employees. 

Taste & Quality

Prince biscuits are available in 3 kinds of flavours, each with a different cream that is packed between two lightly toasted biscuits. The biscuits are made from wholesome wheat flour that is rich in iron energy. Children will feel an instant boost of energy not only because of the wheat content but also the tasty creamy chocolate. Prince is a certified 100% Halal product given the seal of approval by Pakistani Standards.

The three flavours are the classic chocolate and fresh fruit flavours in strawberry and pineapple. The energy-filled chocolate sandwich biscuit has been serving generations of Pakistani children and adults. It has a crisp and crunchy bite that feels very satisfying as a snack or treat. The cream used is smooth in texture and the airtight packaging ensures the biscuit is always fresh.

The chocolate-dipped Prince biscuit is a revised version of the classic. It has a fully covered coating of milky chocolate that turns the biscuit into a delicious treat keeping the original creamy filling inside the sandwich while also giving a whole layer of chocolate all around each biscuit. This is a calorific version of the classic chocolate sandwich that feels decadent and luxurious. Sold in a single serving and a ticky pack as even one of these chocolate covered biscuits is very filling. 


The ticky packs are usually single serving with one or two biscuits. they can be bought as a carton with 25 pieces in one. The larger servings have the medium roll that has 4 to 8 pieces easily shared among 2 to 4 people. The larger roll is a family-sized serving that can accommodate up to 4 to 8 people easily. Once opened, it is recommended to put the biscuits in an airtight jar or container to keep them fresh for longer.  

Price List

Model Price
Prince Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits. Family Pack. … Rs. 605
Prince Mini Fingers (pack Of 6) Rs. 199
Lu Prince Covered In Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits … Rs. 200
Lu Prince Chocolate Biscuit Family Pack Rs. 60
LU Prince Chocolate 6 Snack Packs Sandwich Biscuit Rs. 200
LU Prince Chocolate Biscuit H/R Rs. 26
LU Prince Chocolate Biscuits 24 Ticky Packs Rs. 200
Prince-tuc-salanty Snack-danedar Tea 190g Rs. 350
LU Prince Chocolate Sandwich Biscuit Family Pack Rs. 53
LU Prince Chocolate 12 Bar Packs Rs. 200
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