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The best price of Projector in Pakistan is Rs. 2,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 191,036.


There are several kinds of projectors available online in Pakistan, they have different resolution capabilities, various connectivity features and built for different purposes. It is important to know what exactly the projector will be used for every day. Are you are looking to set up a home entertainment cinema, installing projectors for schools and offices or projecting commercially at an event. These different spaces require different projectors and the guidelines provided in this product description should help in selecting the best projector for you.


Projectors Available Online  

Some key factors determine projector prices in Pakistan as many electronic companies offer a wide price range for various projector models. EPSON, Xiaomi, Optoma and ViewSonic are high-end projectors that offer sophisticated high tech specifications.

Projectors are essentially required to share information with a larger group or be able to visualise ideas more effectively for project management. Depending on what functionality you would like the projector to achieve companies like ViviBright, Nebula Mars, Touyinger, WOWOTO-Android, Rigal and UNIC offer great value for a budget-friendly range of projectors.    


Things you consider when buying a projector are its contrast ratio, resolution, ease of use, projection technologies, wireless or wired projection and wire connections compatibility of the projector. Projectors are always in demand in Pakistan as they provide high definition displays for presenting visuals, presentations, event coverage, home cinema and multimedia teaching. They are installed in small to larger business offices, commercial and social organizations, office and homes.

Contrast ratio and lumens are the two defining elements in getting a clean, clear, crisp and bright visual from your projector. If you are working in the entertainment sector than you might consider investing in the Epson Vertical Alignment (VA) LCD technology that provides an opaque black to be the natural state that enables the projector to achieve astounding blacks with a contrast ratio up to 200,000:1. If your display needs are not so intensive then consider 1,500:1 to be the basic ratio needed for display and anything higher than 2,000:1 is considered excellent for video projection.

Resolution & Display 

Another crucial preference is Resolution, depending on what you need the projector to display or playback remember the higher the resolution the better the picture quality. A simple guide to follow is 800X600 pixels (SVGA) with an aspect ratio of 4:3 will be great for simple data, charts, and video clips at the office but if you are pairing with a computer than to output the same picture quality as the computer you will need 1024 X 786 pixels (XGA) on 4:3 aspect ratio.

These numbers will need to be higher if the projection is widescreen or for large scale projections for events that require bright, high definition content display. For home entertainment projectors that are 1080p, it is essential to match the requirements of HDTV's and Blu-ray formats or else the picture will be fuzzy and pixelated. 

Connectivity Features

Projectors need to be paired with several devices and formats so it is important to buy the one with all the USB, VGA, Component, HDMI, and Display Ports needed for efficient functionality. Many connection types are cross or backwards-compatible using an adapter making projectors as an essential enhancement to better productivity at the home and office. 

Price List

Model Price
BenQ PB2140 Projector Rs. 38,000
3D Projector Cardboard Mini Smartphone Projector Rs. 2,375
Viewsonic LS600WE ANSI Lumens WXGA LED Business E… Rs. 209,000
ViewSonic M1+_G2 Smart LED Portable Projector Wit… Rs. 88,000
BenQ DX-808 ST 3000 Lumens XGA Dustproof Projecto… Rs. 121,999
BenQ Mini Portable Projector with Wi-Fi and Bluet… Rs. 87,500
ViewSonic PG603X 3800 Lumens XGA Networkable Home… Rs. 168,999
Viewsonic PA503SB Lumens SVGA Business Projector Rs. 95,700
BenQ GV -1 Mini Portable Video Projector with Wi-… Rs. 82,999
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