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The best price of Ps4 Accessories in Pakistan is Rs. 6,499 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,343.


PS4 accessories are designed to aid one's gaming. There are a few various accessories one can opt for, these include different kinds of controllers, cameras, VR gear and headsets. The prices of PS4 accessories are generally from mid to high range, depending on the specific kind of accessory one chooses to purchase.


The PS4 is one of the reigning gaming consoles. This also means people have personalised requirements of it as there are a lot of different games and gamers. To help with this market segment the Sony produces some accessories themselves and also lets third-party brands produce devices that are compatible.

The different kinds of PS4 accessories

The most basic accessory with a PS4 is the controller; the device itself generally comes with one controller only. A second one is needed to play two-player games. Sony makes their own DualShock controller that one can purchase as many of as they need; this would also let them have more than two players in some games.

There are pro-gamers that would like to opt for a more optimisable controller so brands such as Razer also make their iterations of controllers that can be used with the PS4. This controller is known as the Razer Raiju. Other brands also produce controllers and sometimes just the button layout is enough for a pro-gamer to choose another controller over the Sony DualShock.

Other controller options include things such as full steering wheels and pedals for driving based games or an arcade-style controller for games if that is your prefered input method. The arcade-style controller is often used for fighting games; it lets users mash buttons a lot more aggressively.

After this a needed accessory is a headset, this is useful for many games but especially for team strategy games. A headset would let you converse with your teammates all over the world. The conversation is also part of how one can psychologically outmanoeuvre another player. Other features on these devices include spatial audio that makes one's gaming experience a lot more immersive. These headsets are made by Sony and many other brands such as SteelSeries.

A more high-level accessory is the VR kit, which lets you play games from a whole new perspective. The feeling is similar to being inside the game. There is also a camera that comes along with this if bought in a bundle and can be bought separately too. This camera adds more features such as facial recognition to log into your PS4. Some games also support gesture control letting you play more efficiently. This camera system also has the ability to execute voice commands.

If one wants to live stream their gaming and themselves this PS4 camera is useful for that as well. 


One can also find various stands for their PS4 and charging stations for their DualShock controllers. The prices of these accessories vary depending on what you choose. Most items start from a mid-range going all the way up to very expensive devices such as the VR kit. 

Price List

Model Price
Sony PlayStation Store 25£ PSN Gift Card - PS3/ P… Rs. 7,299
PlayStation DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Fo… Rs. 7,499
Ps4 Controller Dual Shock 4 Gen 2 Rs. 9,999
Sony PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller Jet Black Rs. 12,500
Sony PlayStation Store 35£ PSN Gift Card - PS3/ P… Rs. 9,799
Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller for PlayStat… Rs. 13,799
Sony PlayStation Camera (PS4) Rs. 11,999
Sony Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller For PS4 Red Rs. 12,999
Mafia Trilogy – PS4 Game Rs. 7,249
Sony PlayStation 4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controlle… Rs. 12,200
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