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The best price of Pvc Wall Panels in Pakistan is Rs. 499 and estimated average price is Rs. 524.


Pakistan has all four seasons and precipitation associated weather conditions like monsoons that are a direct result of with the asymmetric heating of land making it extremely humid in and outside the house. The walls of the house are negatively affected by these heat conditions. Fungie thrives in damp humid conditions, especially in rooms like the laundry, bathroom and kitchen. Spores quickly multiply and can be fatal when left unattended over a long time.


Health Risks Due to Mould 

The two kinds of fungus or moulds you will see in the home are Alternaria that grow in damp places such as showers, around the exhaust fan, under a sink that leaks water constantly. The other is called Aspergillus that amasses on drywall due to seepage or water leaks inside the wall. Seepage is a common occurrence in home and offices as water pipes tend to burst or leak frequently and can be fixed by a professional builder and plumber. But renovation and maintenance of such problems can cost a lot of money. 

If you are experiencing any nasal congestion, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and throat irritation it is a result of breathing mould and home fungi. Leaving these issues unresolved will eventually lead to lung damage and decrease is respiratory functions. 

Budget-friendly Renovation

The easiest solution to solving seepage, damp walls with peeling paint or corrosion of walls and floors of the home is to use PVC panels. These are super easy to install using a tongue and groove system. They can be installed without having to hire or engage a large group of workers or labourers. They are available online and can be ordered straight to the home or office in a number of designs.

Their versatility is that they can be used for partition work, wall covering and window covering in the home and office. Stylish and neat they have different textures and patterns to cater to everyone personal taste. You can decorate the home with PVC panels by installing them on walls and as wooden floor. The wooden flooring done in PVC is cost-effective and long-lasting. Oak floors are expensive and harmful for the environment as cutting down of trees is already causing catastrophic problems in the world.

PVC panels can be bought in vinyl or plastic material, are highly durable and can be used anywhere in the home. The ceiling can also be lined with PVC to cover any unwanted mildew or revamp old aesthetics with fresh decore. These ceiling panels double in functionality as they are a source of effective insulation during harsh winters. The best part about a PVC panel is that is it easy to clean and refresh when needed without spending large amounts of money. 

Types of PVC Styles

The mid-range price point of PVC does not mean it can not offer luxurious fashionable solutions for home decore. The elemental series has metallic, stone and marble effect that can be bought in 1000mm or 250mm wide panels. These will look great in the basement where dampness can collect easily and become a major problem.

There are minimal styles in neutral colours and self patterns that brighten up the home. There are more warm colours to choose from as well with a rustic mood in brick or wood effect that creates a cabin mood in the home. The sparkle pattern is available in various shimmery and glossy effect styles that are ideal for dressing rooms and bathrooms that experience wear and tear of precipitation and little sunlight. The chrome mirror effect is perfect for the bathroom as it also acts as a reflective surface.   

Price List

Model Price
Moroccan Panel set of 4 ( 24 BY 24 INCHES ) PVC V… Rs. 499
Moroccan Panel set of 4 ( 24 BY 24 INCHES ) PVC V… Rs. 499
Pvc 3D Foam Brick Wall Panel 77 x 70 CM 1 – Pcs Rs. 550
Moroccan Panel set of 4 ( 24 BY 24 INCHES ) PVC V… Rs. 499
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