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The best price of Qalamkar in Pakistan is Rs. 4,752 and estimated average price is Rs. 10,075.


The industrial wholesome textile brand called Al-Noor Fabrics started the fashion brand Qalamkar with several collections including a summer collection, Egyptian luxury collection and festive collection for ladies. Various designers from the Pakistani high fashion runway collaborate with Qalamkar on seasonal and formal collections providing affordable luxury fashion to the masses of Pakistan.


Qalamkar celebrates traditional cultural motifs inspired by Pakistani and South Asian craftsmanship techniques of threadwork, zarri, dori and other eastern embroideries. The designs are ideal for all festive occasions such as Eid, Mehndi and weddings events leading up to the main reception.

Design Philosophy 

The motifs on the clothes reference miniature art, floral compositions, gardens with archways and tribal patterns. The digital print design has geometric shapes and takes historical buildings and creates heavily embordered borders. Ladies can enjoy highly elaborate ensembles that are inspired by traditional embellishments but feel lightweight and comfortable. 

The outfits are well balanced between incorporating delicate handwoven pieces of lace have intricate floral motifs and tassels and using luxury pure fabrics. The variety of colours available range from soft pastels to bold reds and yellows. The meticulous embellishments are carefully composed with each colour in mind, the details are different for each outfit and have a handcrafted aesthetic. 

Festive Collection

Qalamkar has collaborated with famous designer Faiza Saqlain in the past to create an enigmatic unstitched collection that had 10 designs exclusively designed for wedding formal wear. These collaborations are updated yearly introducing new designers into the Qalamkar repertoire.

The wedding collection has mid-range suits that make high fashion accessible for wider economic strata that are looking for a budget-friendly pricepoint for wedding wear. Ladies can now afford to buy multiple formal wear outfits for half the price by shopping Qalamkar designs instead of Haute couture by designer studios that only take custom orders by individual clients.

Qalamkar takes runway Pakistani luxury fashion and fuses it with industrial threadwork made with advanced technology textile machines. The intricate designs have different base colours that are celebratory and festive. Qalamkar is able to merge classic chic and modern motifs by creating designs inspired from red carpet gown style dresses with flowing drapes and trails. They use a traditional ethnic silhouette of A-line sand straight shirts that easily host a range of elegant embroideries and traditional embellishments to complete the outfit.

Luxury Formals 

The luxury formals offered by Qalamkar are inspired by the current fashion trends, seasons and occasions. These designs can be worn to multiple wedding occasions from mehindis, dholkis, duas and even valima events. The Schiffli embroidered chiffon shirts have traditional motifs and intricate threadwork evenly spread all over the front, back, sleeves and dupatta.

The classic et dupatta is kept long to make the outfit look regal and elegant matched with raw silk trousers and a plain cotton silk slip. The applique pieces are usually embroidered on a Schiffli border for the embellishments of the front and back of the shirt along with an elaborate fancy border lace piece.

Luxury Festive & Lawn Collection

Qalamkar is focused on providing formal wear that is affordable for women, they create 12 Luxury Festive designs along with 5 Luxury Lawn designs. These cater to women looking for budget-friendly embroidered outfits that are embellished with threadwork and can be worn as semi-formal attire during the hot summer weather. The high-quality Chinese chiffon fabric will have a floral or modern print is on the entire shirt and has applique pieces to create embellished borders on the neckline, sleeves and daman.

Both the festive and lawn collection will have applique pieces that can be embroidered lace, motifs created as patches, gold dorri threadwork, zardozi lace and even traditional craftsmanship pieces like Chatta Patti Charmouse lace. These pieces are made to bring out the colours of the print or traditionally structure the shirt into an A-line to make it look elegant and dressy.

Price List

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Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22ME ME… Rs. 11,920
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22WM G-… Rs. 9,592
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22ME ME… Rs. 11,920
Qalamkar Qline Lawn BL-13 Rs. 5,890
Qalamkar Festive Waistcoat for Men - QL22WM GW-07… Rs. 9,592
Qalamkar Qline Linen VL-04 (Sabeeka) Rs. 7,690
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22ME ME… Rs. 11,520
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22WM G-… Rs. 7,992
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22ME ME… Rs. 8,320
Qalamkar Festive Kurta Pajama for Men - QL22KHM M… Rs. 11,992
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