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The best price of Rasasi Rumz Al Rasasi in Pakistan is Rs. 5,652.50 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,785.


A Dubai perfume house, Rasasi was established in 1979. Rumz Al Rasasi is a line with multiple options inspired by different animals. They all contain wood, spice and amber; ahead of which each has its own specific mix which can have citrus, vanilla, aquatic, earthy, powder or other notes to complement the common three. This range of fragrances is strong and the price is in an affordable range.


Rasasi is based in Dubai and was started in 1979, it is still a family-run business. Over time, Rasasi has put out a lot of fragrance options for the market. Garnering quite a following of dedicated customers. The brand has a presence in many countries over the world.

The Rumz Al Rasasi line is inspired by animals, with three different ones available today. Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 is inspired by zebras, 9453 by leopards and crocodiles. 

Rumz Al Rasasi by Rasasi

The various options have one for men and one for women, this means couples can also purchase complementing fragrances.

The tones common among the Rumz Al Rasasi line are amber, spice and wood notes. Between the different options, one also finds citrus, powder, florals, aromatics, vanilla and oud. The various levels of notes mixed decide the overall feel, but all of them celebrate the strength and grace of wild animals.

The Ruma Al Rasasi line has been doing well with a younger generation.

The longevity and sillage for all the options is high, this makes it ideal for a long day.


Rumz Al Rasasi fragrances are available within an affordable range, which makes them high value, especially with the high longevity and sillage.

Price List

Model Price
Rasasi Rumz Al Rasasi 9325 Zebra Pour Lui Eau de … Rs. 5,652.50
Rumz Al Rasasi Perfume 50ml Rs. 6,115
Rasasi Rumz al 9459 EDP Pour LUI Perfume For Men … Rs. 5,655
Rasasi Rumz al 9325 EDP Pour Elle Perfume For UNI… Rs. 5,655
Rasasi Rumz Al Rasasi Pour Lui 9459, Eau De Parfu… Rs. 5,652.50
Rasasi Rumz al 9325 Pour Lui Eau De Parfum For Me… Rs. 5,655
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