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The best price of Rasasi Shaghaf in Pakistan is Rs. 5,890 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,248.


Rasasi Shaghaf is a set of fragrances, one is a cologne and the other is a perfume. The cologne is rich and woody with leather and a mix of other tones, with ylang-ylang being championed. For the perfume, one finds white florals, powdery notes and almond; with more tones balancing it out. The longevity and sillage for both these are high. As for price, these options are in an affordable range.


Rasasi was created in 1979, the brand is based in Dubai and has spread to many other countries over time. There are many options for men and women, with a multitude of lines.

Rasasi Shaghaf

This fragrance line was launched in 2018 and has an option for men and women.

Rasasi Shaghaf Pour Homme is made from a fine mix of floral-fruity notes, ylang-ylang, musk, rose, tonka bean, vanilla, orchid and sandalwood. The woody and hint of spice are a great balance for the champion in this cologne, ylang-ylang. The deeper notes such as musk create a great lingering scent where the floral notes can waft off. Creating a sensual mix of tones for men.

The women's version, Rasasi Shaghaf Pour Femme, has its own set of notes to create a more feminine scent. The top notes open with almond, lemon and coffee. At the heart of Shaghaf Pour Femme are floral notes from iris, lily, tuberose and jasmine. The base is a mix of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and amber. This makes for a very sensual fragrance.

The big plus point with Rasasi Shaghaf is that both the cologne and perfume have a high level of longevity and sillage.


The price of the Rasasi Shaghaf perfume and cologne are in an affordable range, which makes them both high-value purchases given the sillage and longevity.

Price List

Model Price
Rasasi Nafaeis Al Shagaf Perfume For Men EDP 100Ml Rs. 6,435
Rasasi Shaghaf Eau De Parfum For Men 100ml Rs. 10,589
Rasasi Nafaeis Al Shaghaf Pour Homme Eau De Parfu… Rs. 6,080
Rasasi Nafaeis Al Shagaf Perfume For Men EDP 100Ml Rs. 6,435
Rasasi Nafaeis Al Shaghaf Pour Femme Eau De Parfu… Rs. 5,890
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