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The best price of Rasasi Sotoor in Pakistan is Rs. 6,270 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,535.


Rasasi produces a lot of fragrances that are at an affordable range. One of the plus points is that their scents are strong and long-lasting. There are a lot of lines among which one finds Sotoor, a unisex line from the brand. There is no commonality between the various options in this line, each has its own edge and tones that carry it. The price of this range is also affordable, with one or two being just a little above that range.


Starting in 1979, Rasasi is based in Dubai; it is still run by the family that originated the brand. Rasasi is all about producing fragrances with complexity to them but also in an affordable range. There are a lot of lines, with Sotoor one of their unisex lines.

Rasasi Sotoor

The names of this line come from the Arabic alphabet. The different versions do not have much in common aside from belonging to the same line.

'Raa' is super fresh with citrus, white floral, fresh spice, musk and powdery notes as the most noticeable ones. 'Seen' is more white floral, sweet, fruity, patchouli and musky notes as the main ones. Sotoor 'Taa' is a fragrance that is all about the aromatics on top, with white floral, spice, citrus and marine tones as its main ones.

'Waaw' is more towards the woody side, with spice, aromatics, amber, cinnamon and powder to it. All the Sotoor options have more tones as well, that compliment the major tones, creating a complex and layered experience for the nose.

The staying power of Rasasi's Sotoor line is high, this makes it ideal for a long day out and about. The sillage is moderate, so one's aura of scent is ample for their surroundings but not overpowering.


The Sotoor fragrance line from Rasasi is generally affordable, with some options costing a little higher. They are high-value options though since their longevity is high despite a decent price.

Price List

Model Price
Rasasi - Sotoor- Taa Edp- 100ml Rs. 7,589
Rasasi - Sotoor- Taa Edp- 100ml Rs. 7,589
Rasasi - Sotoor- Taa Edp- 100ml Rs. 7,589
Rasasi Sotoor Raa Eau De Parfum, Men & Women, 100… Rs. 6,270
Rasasi Seen Sotoor Eau de Parfum, 100ml Rs. 6,270
Rasasi Sotoor Ra'a for Men & Women - 100ml Rs. 9,960
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