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The best price of Ray Ban Men Sunglasses in Pakistan is Rs. 1,150 and estimated average price is Rs. 3,015.


One of the top brands that produce sunglasses, Ray-Ban is a cultural icon. Especially their Aviator and Wayfarer designs, which have been worn by many celebrities across the board from sports to Hollywood. The quality is also among some of the best in the business. The prices of Ray-Ban men's sunglasses vary but generally, they are from a high-end price range.


Ray-Ban and the Aviator

A name that is near synonymous with sunglasses, Ray-Ban was created in 1936. Although development started as early as 1929 when US Army Air Corps Colonel John A. Macready wanted to create sunglasses for pilots that would reduce the distraction caused by the sky's blue and white hues. Macready worked with Bauch & Lomb, a medical equipment manufacturer based in Rochester, New York.

The quality of lenses made by them was pinnacle. The resultant sunglasses were a lot better than the goggles (which would fog up) and were patented as the Ray-Ban Aviator. The Aviator is made from a metal wireframe, with a version that is for outdoorsmen and has a curved tight spring that fits behind the ears. This helps them stay on even when one is looking down. After the success of the Aviator line, Ray-Ban went on to produce a lot of other lines for men's sunglasses.

In 1999 Bauch & Lomb sold the Ray-Ban division to the Italian corporation Luxottica Group. Today it is under the eyewear conglomerate EssilorLuxottica, they own 30% of the glasses market. Aside from this, they produce glasses for various brands, including Oakley, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Tifanny & Co., Bulgari, Chanel, Miu Miu, Ralf Lauren, to name only a few. EssilorLuxottica is responsible for an estimated 1 billion pair of lenses and glasses sold each year.

Ray-Ban lines

Apart from the Aviator shape, Ray-Ban has many other options for men too; the other most well-known design is the Wayfarer. The Wayfarer line is made of high-grade plastic. These are trapezoidal in shape with thick frames and are worn by many a celebrity.

Other styles include Erika, these are slightly large rounds with a touch of the retro feel made from plastic. Their Round line, as the name suggests, is a series of circular metal-framed sunglasses. There are a few more modern iterations in this line, including Marshal, Hexagonal and Clubround.

The New Wayfarer is a more modern take on the classic, with the lens size being lesser in height in comparison; making them closer to a rectangle in shape than a square. With the Justin line, they have gone in the opposite direction to the New Wayfarer. The Justin style has larger frames and lenses. Clubmaster is a sleek style again from the past, a hearkening to the 50s. The upper portion has a thicker plastic rim and then tapers down to a metal wireframe. The lens shape can be similar to a Wayfarer or the Round line too. With some versions, there is a metal bridge on the top part of the lenses. For the Oval line, there are simple smaller oval-shaped lenses with a metal frame.

There are options for some more designs that are not necessarily part of the named lines, Ray-Ban regularly produces new designs to keep their brand fresh. In light of that Ray-Ban also has a special line called the Scuderia Ferrari Collection. Made in partnership with the elite car brand, Ferrari. Some of the sunglasses in this segment are limited editions and are produced in a smaller number.

Other features

The lenses are available in an array of colours. With options for reflective chrome-like versions as well. The sunglasses have the option for polarized lenses as well that are extremely helpful for situations where glare is an issue, for instance over water. Another kind of lens is the gradient one, the colour starts at the top and fades down the lens. Even the frames themselves have options for colours, the more common being the black and sepia-like brown.


Ray-Ban men's sunglasses are from a more expensive price point, with a variation in prices depending on the specific design in question. Their products are worth the money as the lenses and frames are top quality.

Price List

Model Price
RAY BAN 3447 Rs. 3,000
RAY BAN 5312 Rs. 4,000
RAYBAN 5352 Rs. 3,500
Ray Ban Blue Aviator Sunglasses For Men Rs. 1,150
RAYBAN 5330 Rs. 3,500
Men's Ray Ban Black Sunglasses Rs. 1,340
Ray Ban Pink Sunglasses for Mens Rs. 1,150
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