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A housing unit for your graphics processing unit, the Razer Core X is a high-end device which has its own cooling and an aluminium body. The more high-end version of this device also has more ports and a dual-chip management system. One can easily swap out their GPU in the Core X whenever they want to upgrade it. This is an expensive device to purchase.


Razer Core X

The gamer arena has some brands which are leaders, among them, one can find Razer with its mix bag of products for this segment. This includes all the devices one would need to set up a powerful gaming station, whether it is a laptop or a desktop.

In case one wants to regularly upgrade their graphics processing unit with a very simple step they can opt for the Razer Core X, or if one has a slim laptop that does not have its own powerful dedicated GPU then too this is a useful product.

The Core X is an external graphics processing unit (eGPU) housing; it connects via a Thunderbolt/USB-C port and they are set to take on heavier games.

This device has its own cooling and the aluminium body is ideal to dissipate heat, working as a large heatsink.

Core X variants

The main difference between the models available is that the better ones such as the Core X Chroma has space for USB ports as well, allowing you to connect your USB based peripherals to it. This means you only have to connect the Core X Chroma to your laptop and the peripherals remain connected to it. This version also lets you connect the Razer Chroma lights for a cool effect and has a port for Gigabit Ethernet connection.


Please note that this device does not come with a GPU inside it, one needs to purchase that separately. It has compatibility with both GeForce and Radeon. As with all Razer products, the Core X is also an expensive device to purchase.

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