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The best price of Real Techniques in Pakistan is Rs. 1,034 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,312.


Real Techniques is considered one of the best makeup tools, brushes and accessories manufacturer in the world. The quality and functionality of the brushes and tools can enhance your makeup look and take it to the next level. Check out products by Real Techniques on this page and read on for more information.


Real Techniques Sponges

Sponges are great beauty tools that help you apply and blend your foundation, powders, eyeshadows, highlighters or other makeup products. Real Techniques has a range of useful and high quality sponges that are specially designed for achieving different makeup looks. They also serve various purposes. Some sponges are meant to be used for blending foundations like the Miracle Finish Sponge and can give a smooth and flawless finish to your makeup. There is also a range of sponges that are meant to be used for the purpose of cleansing the skin. They are to be used with a facial cleanser to thoroughly clean your face. There is also a range of sponges for blending out setting powder or finishing powders.

Real Techniques Brush Sets

You will find a huge range of makeup brushes on this page by the brand. They are widely used by makeup artists at salons as well as by Youtube makeup vloggers. The brand has a brush for every part of the face and for every makeup product. You can buy individual brushes as well as buy them in sets. A set of professional makeup brushes would include all brushes that one needs for day to day makeups as well as extremely formal and made up looks.

Everyday Eye Essentials + Eyebrow Brushes

It is a convenient set of brushes that are needed for eye makeup on a daily basis. The set includes high quality and durable brushes that serve several purposes. The brushes included are for Shading, Essential Crease, Defining Crease, Definer, Smudge, Medium Shadow, Lash Separator and Fine Lining. The brow set has all essential brushes for shaping and defining your eyebrows. 

Sculpting Set

For contouring and highlighting, use the Sculpting brush set to achieve great results. The brushes are designed to give your face a chiseled and well defined look. They are made at an angle for easy application and handling. 

Apart from brushes and sponges you can also buy brush cleaning solutions, gels, balms and palettes from Real Techniques. It is important to keep your brushes and sponges clean and disinfect them from time to time to prevent build up of bacteria. Real Techniques brush set prices in Pakistan vary depending on the size and type of set you are looking for. 

Price List

Model Price
Real Techniques Limited Edition Eyelining Set Rs. 3,999
Real Techniques-Sculpting Set Rs. 3,250
Real Techniques-Blend + Glow Sponge Set Rs. 3,150
Real Techniques Everyday Essentials Makeup Brush … Rs. 5,320
Real Techniques Ultimate Base Set 3Pcs + Stand Rs. 2,740
Real Techniques-Sculpting Set Rs. 3,250
Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Makeup … Rs. 6,540
Real Techniques Enhanced Eye Brush Set Rs. 3,102
Real Techniques Everyday Eye Essentials 8Pcs Brus… Rs. 5,850
Real Technique 4/Eye Makeup Brush Set Rs. 1,034
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