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The best price of Red Bull in Pakistan is Rs. 140 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,383.


One of the most famous energy drinks in the world is Red Bull. It is often used by people who know they are going to be up for long hours or have a physically straining activity to perform. The price of Red Bull is high in Pakistan.


Red Bull

Among the top energy drinks in the world alongside Monster, Red Bull was started in 1987 and is based in Austria. It is a partnership between Dietrich Mateschitz and Chaleo Yoovidhya, the latter of the two created the original product in Thailand on which Red Bull is based. Today Red Bull sells billions of cans yearly, with the numbers at 7.5 billion cans in 2019.

The can itself is well known, a slim blue and silver tin can. The tag line that the brand uses is also well known - "Red Bull gives you wings". Red Bull does not advertise much like regular brands but instead sponsors many sports including a host of various sports in the X-treme games segment. They also have teams known as the Wings Team that promote the brand at various events such as concerts and food festivals.


Research has shown that when one drinks Red Bull they have increased performance and stamina. Other research also shows increased upper body muscle endurance. 

Main ingredients

The main ingredients that give the consumer a kick are caffeine and taurine. Apart from this, the ingredients include B vitamins, sucrose and glucose that are mixed into a buffer solution of carbonated water, baking soda and magnesium carbonate. For the sugar-free version, sucrose and glucose are substituted by the sweeteners acesulfame K and aspartame/sucralose.

Health concerns

Over the years energy drinks have gotten a lot of flack, with Red Bull at the centre as it was the most visible brand. There are no conclusive studies still, but drinking such drinks regularly is not good for the health. People who consume too much may experience palpitations or too elevated a heart rate that can lead to anxiety or paranoia, which is why if one has such preexisting conditions they should avoid Red Bull.

The amount that constitutes as too much varied from person to person. Overuse could lead to heart or psychiatric conditions.

The caffeine and sugar levels are similar to what is found in other drinks as well. With the sugar levels being similar to many packaged fruit juices.


Red Bull is often used by people when they know they shall need the extra energy bump, which is why it is common in sports. If one has it otherwise and is not going to be pulling long hours they may find themselves to be irritable and also have difficulty sleeping.

The price of Red Bull in Pakistan is high, it would be considered an expensive beverage by most people.

Price List

Model Price
Red Bull Pack of 4 250ml Rs. 1,699
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml Rs. 399
Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drinks Pack Of 4 Pcs Rs. 1,649
Red Bull Pack of 4 250ml Rs. 1,600
Red Bull Sugar Free Energy Drinks Pack Of 4 Pcs Rs. 1,649
Red Bull Sugar Free 250ml Rs. 399
Red Bull Suger Free 250ml Rs. 400
Red Bull Tin 250ml Rs. 400
Red Bull, Sugar Free, 250ml Rs. 300
Red Bull Energy Drink Sugar Free (250ml) Rs. 185
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