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The best price of Red Chilli in Pakistan is Rs. 61 and estimated average price is Rs. 404.


The Red Chilli spice used commonly in Pakistani households and many other cultures are made by drying red chillies and then grounding them into a fine powder. The hot burning taste of red chillies is ideal for spicing up vegetables and meat dishes.


Benefits of Consuming Red Chilli

The regular consumption of red chilli can help maintains blood pressure because o the natural potassium that is anti-inflammatory. It helps burns calories as the capsaicin in the red chillies boosts metabolism rate. It is a rich source of Vitamin C: that is essential for the body's immune system along with the potent antioxidants that improve the overall health of the nervous system.

Pure Vs Artificial 

Red Chillie powder can be tampered with and corrupted with crushed wood or husk to increase the weight or adding artificial colours that improve the look and feel of the powder. In order to avoid such low-quality red chilli powder varieties add a teaspoon of to a glass of plain water and if the water changes the colour you will be sure it had artificial colour. Pure red chilli powder does not dissolve in water. In order to check if soapstone is added to the red chilli powder the water will have a residue at the bottom. You can also check if the red chilli powder has an artificial colour when you sprinkle it on water and if it releases any coloured streaks then it is not pure. 

Price List

Model Price
Red Chilli and Garlic Chutney Rs. 449
Red Chili Flex / Crushed Red Chili 250 gram Rs. 249
Red Chilli Powder 100gm- Swaad Rs. 150
Youngs Red Chilli Sauces 500ml Rs. 395
Nutri Red Chilli Whole 200g Rs. 465
Eco Red Chilli Whole 200g Rs. 390
Lyallpur Organics Premium Crushed Red Chili (Kha… Rs. 381
(Pack of 3) Himalayan Pink Salt Fine (354 G) , Re… Rs. 647
Red Chili Powder / Lal Mirch 500g Rs. 499
Red Chilli Powder 200 g Rs. 240
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