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Compare 84 prices from 9 stores.

Compare 84 prices from 9 stores.

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Rs. 1599 - Rs. 23870


A brand that is catering to the gaming lifestyle, Redragon also produces headphones for gamers. Redragon Headphones come in many options where one can get surround sound, boom-mic, RGB lights and more.


Gaming Essentials

Redragon Headphones come in many options that cater to the needs of gamers. All gamers need a good pair of headphones so they can hear the game environment well and react in time. Also, headphones with good communication systems are needed so they can strategize with their team.

Wired Vs Wireless

There are wired and wireless options so one can choose what works better for them. Wired connectivity can be either the standard 3.5mm audio jack or a USB and some options have both so you have versatility.

Ambient Enhancements

Some of the headphones by Redragon have RGB lights if you want a pair that has such extra features that add to your environment.

Powerful Drivers

The headphones have mini-boom mics that are made to pick up voices with clarity. Large drivers inside the headphones make sure you get a decent level of low-end frequencies as well.

For extra feel, some models also have vibrational motors built into them that add to the dynamic feel.

Immersive Sound

These headphones feature 7.1 surround sound so you have directional awareness within the game, allowing you to respond better to the environment.

Comfortable Design

Soft ear-cups are also a part of these headphones so you do not experience too much fatigue over extended gaming sessions. Generally, the designs are edgy but the brand also has some curved styles.

Some models have volume control on the ear cup as well. In-line controls are present so you can change the volume quickly.


The best price of Redragon Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 1,599 and the estimated average price is Rs. 8,918.

Price List

Model Price
Redragon Scylla H901 Gaming Headphone Rs. 5,099
Redragon Ares H120 Gaming Headphone Rs. 3,499
Redragon Pandora H350 RGB Wired Gaming Headphone Rs. 9,999
Redragon THEMIS 2 H220N Wired Gaming Headphone Rs. 5,299
Redragon Chiron H380 RGB Backlighting gaming Head… Rs. 10,599
Redragon H848 IRE Bluetooth Wireless Gaming Headp… Rs. 22,630
Redragon H510-1 Zeus 2 Wired Gaming Headphone Rs. 12,999
Redragon H386 Diomedes 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming … Rs. 9,699
Redragon H350 Pandora 2 RGB Wired Usb Gaming Head… Rs. 9,299