Redragon Keyboard Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Redragon Keyboard in Pakistan is Rs. 2,395 and estimated average price is Rs. 8,733.


Redragon Keyboards are made for gamers or other users who want more heavy-duty options for their work. These are mechanical keyboards that are great to work with, they have lights as well and also have action keys.

Pros & Cons


  • Heavy-duty options


Redragon is a Chinese brand that made products for other brands for years and later created its own computer accessories as well. All these are geared towards heavier usage, such as gaming.

The brand has a few different options for keyboards that one could choose from. The basics are the same, a reliable mechanical keyboard that can be used for extended periods and take a beating.

Performance-intensive products need to be made with stronger parts, which is the case with Redragon Keyboards. They feature anti-ghosting keys so there is no signal mixup in heated moments.

One also gets RGB lights in their Redragon Keyboards that make them a lot easier to see, especially in low-light environments. These lights can also be customized in case you want to have a certain theme for your work or game station.

The keys vary between the different models, and one even gets action keys that can launch a program or change settings with one press. Generally, though, the overall design is kept similar. These keyboards are mostly in black, with just a few options that also have white options.

In case you want a wired or wireless Redragon Keyboard you have both options, with some that have both options built into one keyboard. The wireless keyboards also allow you to toggle between three devices, so you are not tied down and can easily switch around which device you are controlling.

Price List

Model Price
Redragon K582 SURARA RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboa… Rs. 11,999
Redragon Dragonborn K630W RGB Wired 60% Mechanica… Rs. 10,499
Redragon S107 Gaming Keyboard Mouse & Large Mouse… Rs. 8,999
Redragon K535 APAS Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboa… Rs. 11,470
Redragon Kumara K552W-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keybo… Rs. 11,680
Redragon Kumara K552-2 Red Mechanical Gaming Keyb… Rs. 9,195
Redragon Diti Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (K… Rs. 11,066
Redragon M987K REAPING RGB Wired Gaming Mouse Rs. 5,730
Redragon Shiva K512 RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard Rs. 7,420
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