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Compare 100 prices from 8 stores. The best price of Redragon Mouse in Pakistan is Rs. 2,699 and the estimated average price is Rs. 6,252.56.


Redragon produces a mix of gaming peripherals, this includes gaming mouses. With many options to choose from, one can pick a mouse that suits their gaming or work needs best. The general pricing of Redragon mouse options is in the affordable ranges, especially given their features and build.


Redragon mouses

A brand that is based in China, Redragon is a wing of the Eastern Times Technology Co. that has 20 years of production experience. This label is the high-value gaming peripheral segment. The designs are inspired by industry-leading brands, giving average users access to better designs. The build quality is good for the price. The brand has options for both wired and wireless devices, which is a good starting point for choosing what kind of mouse one wants.

Overall the look of Redragon gaming mouses is edgy and aggressive with some that have RGB lights too; this ties into the cool nature of gaming peripherals as they have to look good as well as function efficiently. The shapes are made in a manner that lets the hand be at ease when resting on the mouse which is very useful given that one could have extended periods of gaming. There is also a model which has a honeycomb-like texture with perforations, giving it a very interesting look.

The various possible features include multiple buttons, this can range from 7 to 18 depending on the model you choose. These buttons let you control a lot of things quickly. Aside from the main two clickers, wheel and central buttons beside the wheel, the other two are DPI switchers. These are a basic requirement, especially for gamers who play First Person Shooter games, letting them adjust the rate at which the cursor moves on the fly. This is crucial for targeting or when the game character enters a space of a different size.

The buttons are programmable so one can set them up based on how they like to use them. This gives gamers an optimised feel for their games. Depending on the model, some even have small weights that let users increase or reduce the weight of their device so it is the apt weight for their preference.


If one needs a mouse for their gaming but does not want to spend too much or has a tight budget, Redragon would be the correct brand to get their gaming mouse from.

Price List

Model Price
Redragon P018 Gaming Mouse Pad Rs. 2,699
Redragon P018 Gaming Mouse Pad Large Extended Rs. 2,750
REDRAGON M709 Tiger 10000 DPI Gaming Mouse Rs. 2,950
Redragon M703 Gerberus Wired Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,017
Redragon M602 Gaming Mouse NEMEANLION 2 RGB Rs. 3,080
Redragon M605 Smilodon Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,099
Redragon M606 Nothosaur Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,099
Redragon M703 High Performance Wired Gaming Mouse Rs. 3,199
Redragon Pluto P026 RGB Large Gaming Mouse Pad Rs. 3,390
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Compare 100 prices from 8 stores.

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