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The best price of Redragon in Pakistan is Rs. 1,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 7,200.


A Chinese brand that produces a wide range of products for the gaming lifestyle. The products include monitors, headsets, gaming cases, keyboards, mouses and more. What one chooses is a matter of what you need, there are multiple options in all categories except for the gaming chair, the brand has only one of those. The price of Redragon products is in the more affordable ranges when it comes to the gaming segment which generally has expensive products as they are the top end of performance.



A brand that is based out of China, Redragon produces devices for gamers. The parent brand has over two decades of experience producing keyboards and mouses, this experience has helped in expanding their product range.

Gaming is performance-intensive which is why Redragon has opted for mechanical keyboards. These are hardier and are also more snappy with their clicks. The keyboards feature anti-ghosting keys so there is no mix up of signals. There are also RGB lights in their keyboards so the keys are easily visible, a feature that is very useful for the low light environments gamers tend to sit in. One can customise the colours of the RGB lights to their preference.

The number of keys varies as well, some keyboards have action keys that can launch a program or change computer settings such as the volume. For the most part, the overall design is kept simple, with straight lines and almost all the options are in black, with a few in white. There are also options for smaller key-pads that are designed for one-handed play, this works out as generally gaming on a PC involves a mouse in one hand and the keys for the other hand.

Redrgaon keyboards would not only be good for gamers but if someone needs a better keyboard for extended typing a mechanical keyboard would be efficient. The brand has both wired and wireless options, with some keyboards that combine both features. Another useful feature is the ability to switch between 3 devices easily when paired wirelessly, letting you use multiple devices on the fly.

With designs that are inspired by the higher-end brands, Redragon gives average uses access to better designs. The form factor is comfortable for the hand to be set on, making it ideal for extended usage. There are both wired and wireless options, which is one of the basic starting points when choosing a gaming mouse.

The look is aggressive with many that have RGB lights as well. The Redragon mouse range is all in black with red colour trims and a couple of options that have a perforated body. The perforations are like a honeycomb, giving it a very interesting look and feel.

Buttons on these mouses range from 7 to 18, depending on which model one picks. Gamers need more buttons to control the various actions and users can customise how the buttons respond. All the options have the DPI switchers as that is one of the most basic requirements for gamers who play First Person Shooter games. A few of the models have small weights that can be changed to suit the user's preference when it comes to how weighted their mouse feels.

Another need for gamers, headsets are important to communicate with one's teammates and also to hear the game's sound effects and music. Redragon has a mix of options, with wired and wireless headsets as well. There are models which have RGB lights on them, adding to one's gaming feel. The designs have edgy and curved options too. Almost all are black with one in white, and red is featured on many of them as a trim colour to add to the brand's colour scheme.

For communication, the headsets have mini-boom mics that are designed to pick up your voice with clarity. The headsets feature large drives making a good amount of low-end frequencies as well so your bass is not lacking. To have an increased feel certain models even have vibrational motors built into them, adding more feel to your audio. Redragon has added 7.1 surround sound to most of their headsets so the game's sonic space is felt clearly. Construction is lightweight and the ear cups are designed for optimum comfort so your ears are not worn down after a long session of gaming. Connectivity is either via a 3.5mm audio jack or USB, a few of the options feature both so one can make use of either.

In-line controls are also present on some models. If one wants to change the volume quickly this is a convenient feature.

Gaming PC case
Some gamers want to build their own tower, selecting the components they want so their specs are primed for their needs. This can be done with Redragon gaming cases. An empty PC tower that has only some lights and basic porting options along with a main cooling fan. The options from Redragon have glass sides so one can see the insides of their gaming machines, this is a very cool effect as a lot of GPUs and CPUs have RGB lights as well. The glass is tempered so it is sturdy enough to survive.

The gaming cases are designed to be simple and sleek, all of the options are black in colour. This also helps the RGB lights stand out more.

Other products
Aside from all this Redragon has options for monitors that are FulHD and have high refresh rates for better gaming visuals. There is also a curved option in case one wants something more immersive. These monitors are large-sized ones so there ample space for the display of your digital arena. 

Users can also explore a range of mouse pads, some of which are simple and others that have an RGB light trim around them for added oomph. The ones without lights have a red line around them and possibly a red design of some kind printed on them. The sizes vary so one can choose the correct size for their gaming station or preference.

For more optimised gaming, Redragon also has controllers that can be used with a computer setup. These controllers follow the design of famous game consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. There are wireless ones as well as wired options. Gamers who stream and comment while playing could make use of the external microphones from Redragon and for a more comfortable game experience Redragon even has a gaming chair that has a very ergonomic design for extended gaming sessions.


The quality of Redrgon products is good and they are at an affordable price. This brand has been made along those lines so it is more accessible to the average user as well.

Price List

Model Price
Redragon RGPS PSU 800W PC Power Supply 80PLUS Bro… Rs. 16,499
Redragon GM100 Gaming Streaming and Studio Microp… Rs. 10,999
Redragon M808 Storm Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse … Rs. 5,899
Redragon DRACONIC K530-W RGB - Gaming Keyboard Rs. 11,900
Redragon Ranger Chroma Gaming Mouse (M910) Rs. 6,940
Redragon 4 in 1 Gaming Combo (S101-BA-2) Rs. 12,708
Redragon Zeus H510 - Wired Gaming Headset White Rs. 8,800
Redragon Deimos K599-KRS Wireless Gaming Keyboard Rs. 14,830
Redragon GM-100 Seyfert Gaming Stream Microphone Rs. 11,780
Redragon Jupiter G809 Wireless Gamepad For Pc Rs. 12,084
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