Refrigerator Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Refrigerator in Pakistan is Rs. 9,785 and estimated average price is Rs. 64,239.


Refrigerators have a wide range of budget-friendly to mid-range to expensive price points depending on the brand and functionality of the model. Base models are usually affordable and easy to fit into any kitchen space. The thermoplastic polymer plastic used in making the body of the refrigerator is called Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene also known as ABS. This plastic responds well to heat and in keeping food safe and protected. It is considered a food-friendly plastic as it can retain the temperature for over 100 hours during load shedding and electricity blackouts.



It has a 100% copper condenser and pipes ensuring power efficient cooling. Copper is the most reliable conductor of electric current used in most home appliances. The rubber lining outlining the opening door and the compartment box together create an airtight seal that maintains cooling temperatures for long durations. It will be able to keep perishable food from going bad for several hours during a power outage as it can lock in the cool temperature. 


Refrigerator designs are tailored to improve home kitchen functionality, the French Door design saves kitchen space with its narrow doors, saves power by opening half a door at a time and can seamlessly camouflage into the kitchen decor with customizable counter depth. The Side by Side models are similar to the French Doors, they keep frozen foods on the left and fresh foods on the right side of the refrigerator. They prioritise space efficiency making them well suited for small or narrow kitchen layouts.  

Direct Cooling

It uses a cooling system called Direct Cooling which is considered affordable as it uses cooling pads, unlike the No Frost system that uses an electric coil and fan blower to sustain cooling temperatures. The cooling gel in Direct Cooling keeps the food well frozen for several hours without power. The Turbo Icing can bring down the freezer temperature in just 49 minutes to ensure fast cooling or freezing. Pakistani homes that experience frequent power outages and electricity fluctuations can benefit from this feature.

Thermostat Control 

The refrigerator has food sections, shelves and drawers, that run on multifunctioning thermostats that are adjustable according to the users daily needs. In Haier refrigerators, there are LED monitors on the front door so that users can turn on and off the three cooling modes that are Q-Cool, D–Frost and Chiller.

Easy to Clean

All fridges have a rubber lining outlining the opening doors and the compartment box, these together create an airtight seal that maintains cooling temperatures for long durations. This seal is called the antifungal door gasket, it prevents the entry and build-up of fungi and bacteria inside the refrigerator. In the Haier models, this seal is removable making it easier to clean over time. With regular cleaning, the gasket will be free of any microorganisms virus or bacteria build-up. 

Price List

Model Price
Orient Refrigerator Ice 500 Liters 16 Cubic Feet Rs. 80,400
Haier HRF-306 IFPA 11 Cubic Feet Inverter Refrige… Rs. 80,000
Haier HRF-306 EBD 11 Cubic Feet Refrigerator Rs. 64,000
PEL PRL-2200 Aspire Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator Rs. 48,002
PEL PRL-2000 Aspire Freezer-on-Top Refrigerator Rs. 45,170
Kenwood KRF 400 VCM – Classic Series – Brown – 1… Rs. 52,300
Haier HRF-368 TDC-TDB Turbo Cooling Refrigerator Rs. 70,800
HAIER Refrigerator Digital Inverter HRF-306IF Rs. 78,000
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