Remax Car Charger

Compare 44 prices from 11 stores.

Compare 44 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 749 - Rs. 10499


A brand that produces various accessories for the modern portable device lifestyle, including car chargers. The Remax car chargers have a few different options, one can choose based on how many ports they need regularly. The price of this range of accessories from Remax is affordable.



Based out of Miami, Florida, Remax was created in 2008. The brand produces a range of accessories for the modern lifestyle. These include power banks, screen protectors, smartphone covers, car and desktop mobile holders, SD cards, cables, headphones, car chargers and more. There are over 2000 products in total, which the brand developed over the years.

Remax caters to a younger aesthetic.

REMAX car chargers

Among the range, Remax also has car chargers. These make for convenient accessories to use for one's devices while on the go, especially if one is travelling or in the case of an emergency.

Remax car chargers come with 1, 2 or 3 ports. More ports would be useful if one has more devices that need charging. The materials are heatproof so it does not get damaged with use and the chip inside is designed to balance out the output. They also come with safety features as overcharge protection and short circuit protection.

A few of the models from the Alien line can also be used as a hammer in an emergency, to break the window.


Remax car chargers are available for lower-end, affordable prices. One can choose based on what their specific need is, as well as their budget.

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The best price of Remax Car Charger in Pakistan is Rs. 749 and the estimated average price is Rs. 2,441.

Price List

Model Price
Remax Car Charger Dolfin RCC-206 Rs. 1,101
Remax RCC 214 Car Charger Rs. 2,000
Remax RCC-219 Roki Series Car Charger 2.4A - Black Rs. 1,000
Remax car Smart Mobile Holder C-24 - Silver Rs. 1,486
Remax Fairy Dashboard Car Holder - Black Rs. 1,023
REMAX Fairy Cell Phone Car Holder Rs. 1,321
REMAX RCC331 Lodi Series All-in-One 54.5W PD+QC F… Rs. 4,588
Remax Fast Charger 3.4Ampere - White Rs. 1,537
Remax Fast Charger 3.4 Ampere - Black Rs. 1,537
R-545 Car Charger 2.4A Rs. 749
CAR Charger with Dual... Rs. 890
R-445 2.4 Amp Car Charger Rs. 799