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Compare 29 prices from 11 stores.

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Rs. 990 - Rs. 190999


A brand that produces many accessories for the smartphone lifestyle, including various kinds of headphones. The headphones are all based on the wireless format, making use of Bluetooth for tethering. The price of Remax headphones is in the nominal ranges.



Based out of Miami, Florida, Remax was created in 2008. The brand produces a range of accessories for the modern lifestyle. These include power banks, screen protectors, smartphone covers, car and desktop mobile holders, SD cards, cables, headphones and more. There are over 2000 products in total, which the brand developed over the years.

Remax caters to a younger aesthetic.

REMAX headphones

This is a segment that the brand has a lesser amount of variety in. There are design variations, with the over-ear options, as well as earbuds and the neckband earbuds. Their simple earbuds are also wireless and have a magnetic connector that lets you attach them together when you aren't using them, making them like a necklace around your neck. All their options have a microphone built into them so one can answer their calls while they are doing other tasks, this is especially useful whenone is driving.

In the over-ear headphone range, Remax has some that ca support SD cards for playback and have a radio receiver. This makes for quite a complete pair of headphones. Remax even has some options that are specifically for people who want to use headphones while exercising. These designs are made so the earbuds don't keep falling out of your ears as you are moving about.

The earbuds have controls on the wire, while the neckband earbuds have controls on the neckband and the over-ear headphones have controls on the earcups. This makes it easy to change the volume or answer and hangup calls. 

As for design, Remax has a stylish trendy look for their various headphones. Going with a simple, minimal feel. The build quality is also decent, but one cannot compare them to the more high-end options available in the market.


Remax headphones are a budget-friendly option, they are built to a specific price for this reason. However, this makes them affordable for more people and allows people to have a decent level of quality at such prices. Especially when compared to the other options in the same range.

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The best price of Remax Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 990 and the estimated average price is Rs. 12,605.

Price List

Model Price
Apple AirPods Max Headphone (MGYH3AM/A) – Space G… Rs. 190,999
REMAX RB-680HB Kinyin Series Wireless Gaming Head… Rs. 5,600
Remax V5 Tws Wireless Earbuds With Display Rs. 3,195
Remax Original RM-501 Base Driven Stereo Handsfree Rs. 1,889
REMAX Kooker RPP-87 Single USB Output 10000mAh Po… Rs. 2,675
REMAX RM-512a Type-C Metal Wired Earphone for mus… Rs. 1,235
Remax Bluetooth Headset T10 Rs. 1,300
Over-ear, Closed-back Headphones with 50mm Neodym… Rs. 23,500
New head phone 450 BT... Rs. 1,840
Headphone – Wired... Rs. 1,020
CALLY Headphone Cable... Rs. 1,320