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The best price of Resistance Bands in Pakistan is Rs. 350 and estimated average price is Rs. 1,632.


A simple and effective tool to workout with. Resistance bands are available with different levels of resistance and tyes too. Which one is right for you depends on the specific exercise you plan to do with them. The price of these bands is relatively low.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap

  • Portable

  • Lightweight

  • Lesser chances of injury


  • Can snap when old

  • Harder to control when stretched out


Resistance Bands

An elastic band that is used for various forms of strength training, this includes physical therapy and cardiac rehab. The nature of a resistance band allows for slow rebuilding of strength, which is a useful quality for rehablitation. Before these bands were specifically produced for exercises, people used surgrical tubes for this purpose.

There are studies that prove that resistance bands can help grow and tone muscles. 

Types of resistance bands

There are bands that are a sinlge strip with handles on the sides, or loops and even infinity-8 shapes. The ones with handles allow a person to have an easier grip. There are flat bands and circular tube like ones as well. But which one uses is a matter of the specific exercises you need to be doing with it. 

Resistance bands are also colour coded to mark the amount of resistance they provide. These colours vary from brand to brand, so you would need to look at a brand-specific chart to know this information in relation to the band you are purchasing.

Advantages of resistance bands

Given these are light items that can be carried easily, resistance bands make for great portable exercise equipment. One can keep their workout routine regualr even while travelling.

Resistance bands also activate stabilizing muscles, which makes for a good overall workout. The chances of injury in comparison to weights is lesser. This is also due to the fact that a resistance band is not completely gravity dependant so it causes lesser joint compression.


One needs to be careful with their grip or if they have hooked a band to something. If it slips under tension it can snap back and hit a person causing a lot of pain. Resistance bands deteriorate over time and can also break and snap due to that, so one must keep an eye on the condition of their bands.


The amount of resistance of a specific band and the number of reps can help one lower or increase the intensity of their workout. Although, as the amount of stress depends on how much one is pulling it canbe difficult to quantify exact numbers as one can with freeweights.

The price of resistance bands is relativley low.

Price List

Model Price
SLIMPRO Pull Up Assist Bands Resistance Stretch B… Rs. 799
Resistance Band Heavy - Brand Livepro - LP8413H Rs. 2,200
MCD Ankle Weights 2kg, Pair Weight Bearing Ankle … Rs. 1,495
Livepro Resistance Loop Band (4 Pc Set) - LP8412 Rs. 3,450
Latex Power Exercise Resistance Band Set for Pull… Rs. 1,199
Body Shaper Resistance Band Rs. 899
Resistance Band Blue Rs. 1,250
Resistance Exercise Band Rs. 1,999
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