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The best price of Revolving Chair in Pakistan is Rs. 180 and estimated average price is Rs. 14,166.


A chair that has a seat which can swivel so the person sitting in it can have some mobility without having to twist. The revolving chair is useful for workstations so one can reach things near them more easily. There are many different designs possible and just as many variations in price. The price depends on the brand and what material the chair is made from.


Revolving Chair

The first revolving chair was made by Thomas Jefferson, it was the chair on which he sat and drafted the United States Declaration of Independence. A revolving chair allows for the top half or the 'seat' to swivel, this gives the person sitting in it more access to the space around them. These are common in offices and with modern iterations that have wheels under them as well adding even more mobility. This new style is also known as an office chair.

A revolving chair can be made form any number of materials including metal, wood or plastic. The seat itself may be bare or be a cushioned one The variety is as diverse as the number of brands producing such chairs


Some modern revolving chairs also have a gas lift that lets one adjust the height. The simple revolving chair is useful so one can reach for things around them without having to bend and twist too much, making their workflow more efficient.

The price of a revolving chair depends on the brand and what material it is made from.

Price List

Model Price
Black wheels / casters - set of 5 - for all kinds… Rs. 849
Revolving Office Chair- Black Rs. 10,999
Shizi Office Revolving Chair for Staff - Computer… Rs. 7,999
Office chair revolving mesh back Rs. 7,499
Maglia Revolving Chair (Black) Rs. 14,500
Joyce Mesh Back Revolving Chair Rs. 18,500
Revolving Office Chair- Black Rs. 10,999
Alford Revolving Chair Rs. 12,500
Mollie Revolving Chair (Blue) Rs. 21,500
Lexi Revolving Chair Rs. 19,500
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