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The best price of Rica Wax in Pakistan is Rs. 926 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,017.


The Italian brand Rica has been in the beauty industry for ages. Apart from manufacturing good quality cosmetics, Rica also offers a wide array of hair removing wax. Pakistanis have been using wax by Rica for years to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. Rica wax price in Pakistan varies depending on the jar size and wax type.


Women have long used wax to remove unwanted hair from the face and body. In recent years, men too have joined the club as many metrosexual men who are meticulous about their grooming or spornosexuals like bodybuilders wax their chests or other body parts for staying hairless and clean. Read on to know more about Rica wax, its uses as well as types.

Rica Wax Types

Rica sells wax according to skin type and body area. It comes in several types and is sold in either 100m, 400ml or 800ml jars. The hot Rica wax types that need melting can be heated by using a wax heater or the microwave. Heating the wax over the stove can end up in the uneven distribution of heat or burning of wax if the flame is not kept under control.

1. Liposoluble Wax

You will find various Liposoluble Waxes by Rica that are specially formulated to cater to every skin and hair type. Users can choose this wax according to their skin type for efficient and painless removal of hair. The Lipsoluble Rica wax includes Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Azulene, Banana, Black Wax, Chlorophyll, Coconut,  Golden, Green Apple, Honey, Lemon, Milk, Olive Oil, Opuntia Oil, Orange, Pearl, Strawberry, Sweet Almond, Talcum, Titanium and White Chocolate.

2. Film Wax And Brazilian Line

For the delicate skin of your face and sensitive bikini zone, Rica has a non-strip wax formula called the film wax and Brazilian line. You just have to apply a thin layer to get even the most coarse hair out without pain or ingrown hair. The film and Brazilian line Rica wax includes Avocado, Argan Oil, Azulene, Black Wax, Brazilian Black Wax, Brazilian Line, Honey and Titanium.

3. Sugar Wax

Rica wax is also available in the traditional hair removing sugar wax from ancient Egypt. It has the ingredients from the original recipe that include sugar, water and lemon juice. There are no colourants or fragrances added to the mix and it is also free of parabens, allergens and preservatives. Those with sensitive skin can benefit greatly from Rica sugar wax.

4. Hard Wax

Rica hard wax is available in beads or discs form and is used in thick layers for efficient hair removal. You don't need paper strips as the wax is strong enough to harden and can be stripped on its own. 

Benefits & Uses of Rica Wax

Wax by Rica can be used to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body including the face. The process is painless and hassle-free and doesn't involve any complicated steps. 

1. No Skin Burns

Rica uses vegetable oil mixed with glyceryl rosinate for the painless removal of hair. Some of the waxes by Rica don't require strong heating hence reducing the chances of burning. 

2. No ingrown hair

The oil-based Rica wax is great for hair removal as it won't cause any ingrown hair. Even if there are any ingrown hair, the oil-based wax will pull them out painlessly. 

3. Rica Wax for Face

There are minimal risks involved with Rica as it is not known to cause any allergic reactions or sensitivities. Rica uses 98% of natural ingredients to curate waxes so that there are no adverse effects after application. 

4. Painless Removal

Since Rica wax is made out of natural ingredients and vegetable oils, the application and removal of hair is painless, leaving your skin smooth and soft. It is gentle on even the most sensitive skin and causes no redness or irritation.

5. Slows Down Hair Growth

Since waxing is way better than shaving in many ways, one of the biggest advantages of waxing over shaving or other forms of hair removal is the reduction of hair growth. Since Rica removes hair from the root, regrowth is slowed down and in the long run, weakens the hair follicle. 

Despite having numerous advantages, Rica wax or any wax comes with a number of side effects too that include darkening of the skin if used more than twice in a month. Wrong application and pulling the hair in the wrong direction can cause ingrown hair so waxing should always be done by professionals or an expert. Never exfoliate your skin right after waxing as it may cause the skin to get irritated. Take a shower or exfoliate your skin 2 hours after waxing to ensure there are no side effects or skin irritations. 

Price List

Model Price
Rica Charcoal Black Body (No Strip) Wax 800ml Rs. 3,200
Rica Brazilian Wax Lemon 400ML Rs. 1,749
RICA Sweet Almond Wax 800ML Rs. 2,999
Rica White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax For Dry Skin… Rs. 2,350
Rica Black Brazilian Wax for Sensitive Areas 800 … Rs. 2,350
Rica Talcum Wax 800ML Rs. 2,350
Rica Coconut Liposoluble Wax for Very Dry Skin 80… Rs. 2,350
Rica White Chocolate Liposoluble Wax For Dry Skin… Rs. 2,350
Rica Coconut Liposoluble Wax for Very Dry Skin 80… Rs. 2,350
Rica Strawberry Liposoluble Wax 800ml Rs. 2,095
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