Rice Bag Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Rice Bag in Pakistan is Rs. 290 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,686.


There are various sizes available for buying a rice bag online. There are food brands that offer high-quality 1KG rice bag sizes with a variety of premium grains for cooking speciality biryani and pulao at home. The economical rice bag size is larger and used for everyday home cooking for the whole family.


The regular everyday usage of rice is common in Pakistan and households prefer to store large amounts of uncooked rice in their storage or pantry that is cost-effective and easy to manage. The Basmati, Sela Gold Rice, Premium Basmati are all types of rice used for formal cuisine dishes that require a longer length of rice grain. The 5kg rice bag can be stored in a cool and dry place for extended shelf life. There are also brown rice and wild rice varieties that are an excellent substitute for white rice for those who are looking for high fibre and fewer calories in their meals.

Price List

Model Price
Lazzat Super Basmati Rice 5kg Bag Get 1 Kg Rice F… Rs. 2,549
Himalayan Super Kernel Broken Basmati Rice (10 LB… Rs. 1,880
Basmati Rice - 25 KG BAG (Special) Rs. 7,750
Guard Super Kernal Basmati Rice Poly Bag 1kg Rs. 1,850
Sun White Calrose Rice Bag Rs. 4,200
Super Kernal Basmati Rice - 5 Kg Bag (special) Rs. 1,600
Lazzat Basmati Rice 1Kg Bag Rs. 399
Al Farid Basmati Long Grain Rice Poly Bag 5kg Rs. 1,650
Al-Noor Basmati Rice A 1kg Poly Bag Rs. 290
Falak Basmati Daily Rice Poly Bag 1kg Rs. 430
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