Rinnai Heater Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Rinnai Heater in Pakistan is Rs. 59,400 and estimated average price is Rs. 68,466.


Rinnai Heater can effectively operate on a low-pressure supply of Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG that makes it an ideal candidate as compared to traditional Pilot Gas Heaters that consume a lot more gas. These Rinnai heaters use electricity and gas to create a consistent hot air flow indoors at home or in small office spaces.


There are a variety of Rinnai Heater models that are all considered much safer than open pilot gas heaters that risk fire hazard or gas poisoning if left unsupervised. These Japanese Rinnai Heater designs only use 15-20 watt power supply in combination with low gas pressure supply to create a comfortable heating solution. The display control panel has several functionality settings including temperature, timer and cool to hot temperature option that allows user to customise their heating for each room of the home.

Safer Designs

The Rinnai heater will automatically shut down whenever there is a gas or electrical error in the supply protecting you from any risk. Unlike open vent pilot gas heaters that become hard to handle due to the overheating of the metallic body, the Rinnai versions are cool to touch making them babyproof and easy to handle by the whole family. There are no matches or fire ignition required as it turns on with a simple button making it highly safe to have around children.

Price List

Model Price
Rinnai Gas Infrared Heater R813PMS Rs. 59,400
Rinnai Gas Infrared Heater R813PMS Rs. 59,400
Rinnai Japanese Used Heaters Rs. 68,000
Rinnai Used Japanese Heaters Rs. 78,000
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