Ro Water Filter Price in Pakistan

Compare 9 prices from 6 stores. The best price of Ro Water Filter in Pakistan is Rs. 3,999 and the estimated average price is Rs. 19,599.44.


Of all the water purifying systems, the UV and RO filters have garnered huge popularity in recent times. Reverse Osmosis or RO filter is a 3 to 7 stage purification system with multiple pre and post-filters. It is designed to remove sediment, chlorine, dissolved solids and other impurities from water. Check out RO water filter brands and their prices in Pakistan on this page.


RO Water Filter Brands

Aquaguard, Kent, Penta Pure, Hikins, Fluxtek and Apec are the leading brands of RO water filter systems in Pakistan. You can buy them on our website and choose from other economically priced brands on this page.

The RO Process

RO filters use a thin semi-porous membrane that allows in only pure water and rejects larger molecules and impurities. The water has to pass through multiple stages before being completely clean and then it reaches the postfilter where it is polished for drinking. The pure water then enters the faucet and is now ready for drinking. 

Multi-Stage System

The filter contains basic pre and post-filters such as the Sediment filter, Carbon filter and Semi-permeable membrane. These are available for home use as well as commercial and industrial purposes.

Effective Purification

RO filters can remove around 90-99.99% of all impurities including harmful minerals but it still doesn't remove all bacteria. To get rid of all types of bacteria from water, look for an RO filter that also has a UV filtration system. 

Buy RO water filter systems at the best prices in Pakistan from leading brands available on our website. The prices vary depending on the brand and quality of the product. 

Price List

Model Price
WBM Home Faucet Tap Water Purifier Rs. 3,999
Bosch Water Filter Plastic F.016.800.363 Rs. 4,423
West Point Water Purifier Wf-714 Rs. 6,300
5 Stage Simple Filtration System Plant Made In Ta… Rs. 6,950
Aqua Water Filter AQ200 Rs. 7,800
Unilever Water Purifire Excella 9 Rs. 9,000
PUR Basic Water Pitcher Replacement Filter, 2-Sta… Rs. 9,361
Orient Water Dispenser Owd-531B Rs. 40,000
Tianshi Ultrafiltration Water Purifier Rs. 88,562
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Compare 9 prices from 6 stores.

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Rs. 3999 - Rs. 88562