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The best price of Road Prince Bike in Pakistan is Rs. 10,591 and estimated average price is Rs. 58,295.


The Road Prince bike is a local assembler of Chinese motorcycles launched in 2004 in Pakistan. There are a variety of models starting from entry-level 4-stroke 70cc motorcycle to the Road Prince 250cc RX3. These are primarily city bikes with great milage and easily replaceable spare parts for maintenance.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable

  • Spare pares readily available

  • Lightweight

  • Customizable and easy to upgrade

  • Comfortable seat designs

  • Storage


  • Vibration of the engine may make rider feel unstable on sharp turns

  • Maintenance costs can become high over time due to low quality parts

  • Limited colour profiles only limited to Red and Black



The Road Prince bike has two colour profiles mainly black and red that look stylish on the road. The bike is lightweight with strong handles and balance on sharp turns. The bikes have an inbuilt horn, indicator lights, side view mirrors and mudguard to help improve the safety of the rider. Service company tires are reliable and recommended by experienced riders as durable and stable that is used in Road Prince bikes. By law, all riders are supposed to wear helmets on the road. Another way to remain safer while travelling on longer commutes is to wear motorcycle gloves and jacket that improve the grip on the handles and add protective layer on the body.  

Sports Bike 

The 150 cc Road Prince series has a Single Cylinder 2 valves overhead camshaft engine with 5 gearboxes with forward shift transmission making it easy to handle and ride in heavy traffic. The fully electric kick-starter system making the ignition efficient and easy without wasting any fuel. Road Prince bikes are highly customizable as users can change the tyres according to their personal preferences. 

The bike has a storage compartment designed under the seat making it easy to carry luggage on road trips. The digital meter has an analogue RPM reader that makes it easy to navigate while riding. The added LED indicators and backlight make night riding comfortable and safe.

There is an 18-litre fuel tank paired with a fuel gauge that helps to track mileage and maintaining the quality of the bike. The series includes Road Prince 150cc Robinson and 150cc Wego

Entry-Level Models

There are several 70cc models that include the Classic, Scooty, Passion and Passion Plus. Each of the 70cc bikes has their own unique outer shape that is stylish with all the essential features such as headlight, side indicators, break light and LED backlight in the speedometer available in each model. The telescopic shocks in the front of the bike can withstand high speedbumps on the road and uneven dirt road tracks. There is a kickstand to help park the bike and the lightweight frame makes it easy to manage in busy parking lots.  

There are more powerful engine models as well including Road Prince 100cc Power Plus, 110cc Jackpot, 125cc RP-125 and 250cc RX3. The other popular Pakistani motorcycle bikes are available from Honda and Suzuki

Price List

Model Price
Road Prince - RP- 110 CC POWER PLUS - On 18 month… Rs. 105,999
Road Prince RP-110CC Power Plus Motor Cycle Rs. 10,591
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