Robam Gas Hob Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Robam Gas Hob in Pakistan is Rs. 55,000 and estimated average price is Rs. 55,000.


Robam is a Chinese brand that has a range of kitchen appliances, among which one can also find hobs. A hob comes with various configurations of burners. One can choose the size that suits their needs and kitchen.


The Robam brand is known for its kitchen appliances. It also produces hobs that people use to cook on, with various burner configurations and safety features.

Robam has a simple one with one gas burner and an electric heating pad as well. This gives one the option to use whichever is ideal for the situation as sometimes there could be load shedding for either gas or electricity.

If you need more burners to cook multiple dishes simultaneously, the range goes up to five. The burner sizes vary so one can choose what to place on which burner.

There is a fire failure safety system for the burners that turns the gas off if for some reason the flame goes out. This could happen due to air or even if something boils over and kills the flame. A great safety feature that every hob should have.

Knobs on the Robam hobs are sturdy and give one ample control to control how much heat they want for their food. Made from tempered glass or steel, these hobs are sturdy and also easy to clean. The trivets are cast iron and the burners are brass.

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Robam Built-In Gas Hob JZT-B977 Rs. 55,000
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