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The rocking chair has been part of households since the 18th century as a relaxing piece of furniture placed inside or outside the home. The mechanism is simple as a chair is given two rocking legs so that it may move back and forth at a steady speed.


Antique Design

The popularity of rocking chairs was on the rise in the 19th and 20th centuries. The famous Benjamin Franklin is known to be the inventor of the iconic rocking chair in 1710 but this is contested by other sources. Farmers are known to have used rocking chairs before anyone made it a commercial item of furniture. The word rocking chair was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 1787.

Comfort and Functionality 

A piece of furniture that could help relax the body has become an important part of modern design. Body posture is very important as we are prone to backache and spine misalignment due to overworking on computers and laptops. The rocking motion helps muscles relax and the brain is also known to release endorphins that improve the mood instantly.

The comfort and pleasure of rocking back and forth can be taken back to when we were babies and enjoyed being cradled by our mothers. Regularly seen at Airports around the world for travellers to unwind and rock themselves to sleep. Rocking chairs with deep contoured seats, padding and cushioned will feel amazing and provide ultimate relaxation. Rocking chairs are the prehistoric design for what we call lazy boy, as it provided automated recline and massage to the body. 

Helps Relieve Pain 

Some common elderly ailments are Arthritis, Sciatica, Alzheimer and Dementia, that can leave the body feeling tired and fatigued. A rocking chair can help distract the mind enough to provide momentary relief from pain. The rocking motion can be seen as a mild form of exercise that is low impact and easy for the elderly to perform on a daily basis. 

Improves Sleep

The steady pace of the rocking chair can help synchronize the brain and soothe the nerves to induce deep sleep in children and adults. The motion brings down the heart rate that provides a sense of elation to the mind and body.  

Kinds of Rocking Chair 

There are various different kinds of rocking chairs in the market that are made from different materials, colours, weight and size. The traditional materials are still oak, bamboo and wicker for high end luxurious indoor rocking chairs. For more durable outdoor chairs, it is better to go with Teak wood as it is hardwood and will last for generations. 

Indoor wooden furniture is now more commonly made with Pine as it is inexpensive and less endangered as compared to other trees. The important features to consider when buying a rocking chair are the durability of the material depending on if you want to use it for indoor or outdoor. Some chairs are easy to maintain and lightweight so that they can be moved from outdoor to indoor accordingly. Some buyers want the appearance of the rocking chair to be antique without spending too much money, there are inexpensive versions of the traditional rocking chair that can be ideal for adding a rustic style to your home.

Tips & Comments

Depending on the rocking extensions of the chair be sure that no children feet or hands get caught under the chair. Homes with pets need to be sure the chair does not hurt delicate paws or tails when being used.  

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