Romoss Power Bank Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Romoss Power Bank in Pakistan is Rs. 1,250 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,985.


Another brand producing high-quality portable power solutions, Romoss has a wide range of power banks. From smaller compact ones that are easy to carry and would provide a single charge. To large ones that would fit easier in a laptop bag that could charge your phone up 8 to 10 times depending on the phone.


Romoss the brand

A brand that has been selling portable power solutions that are among some of the best available. Romoss is based in China, supplying over 80 countries with their products. Power banks are very useful devices that can help extend the battery of your devices while you are on the go. Even just the ability to use your phone as it charges is convenient, a wall socket and wire can be rather limiting.

Romoss power banks

Their range includes many power banks. Starting at 3250mAh and going all the way up to 30,000mAh. The smallest is a roll-shaped power bank that also has wireless charging for the Apple Watch. The medium-sized ones would be easy to carry with you and the larger ones provide a lot of portable charging power but aren't as easy to carry around with you. Romoss power banks can be charged with various cables, making it convenient for you to carry one wire only. Some have options for MicroUSB, USB-C and Thunderbolt. This does depend on which power bank you pick, different ones have different porting options. Romoss has also incorporated LED displays that let you know what percent of the power remains. This is a good feature as just the simple lights are not as exact in informing one. At times one needs to charge 2 devices, a lot of Romoss power banks have the ability to do this. One port may be putting out a little more power so you can pick what to charge with which port.

Safety features

Romoss builds safety features into their power banks so they are safe and so are the devices they charge. With 10 different barriers such as overcharge protection, overcurrent protection, reset protection, voltage surge protection, over-discharge protection, temperature protection, power surge protection, anti reverse protection, short circuit protection and RFI protection. 

The market reviews of Romoss power banks have generally been good and the prices competitive.

Price List

Model Price
Romoss Ranger AU17-101 Car Charger 17W Rs. 1,450
Romoss Lt20 20000Mah Power Bank For Smart Phones Rs. 3,750
Romoss Sense 6+ - 20000mAh Power Bank Rs. 3,450
Romoss Sense 9 25000Mah Power Bank Rs. 3,250
Romoss Ares 10 Power Bank Mini (10000mAh) Rs. 3,149
Romoss Sense 6p 20000 Mah Power bank for smart ph… Rs. 3,100
Romoss Car Charger Dual USB Output Rs. 1,683
Romoss PHG10 Power Bank (10000mAh) Rs. 3,649
Romoss Ares 10 Power Bank 10000mah Mini Size Char… Rs. 2,650
Romoss Rock Power Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 AU36P… Rs. 1,499
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