Ronin Handsfree Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Ronin Handsfree in Pakistan is Rs. 426 and estimated average price is Rs. 834.


Ronin has some variety in their handsfree segment. Some have better materials as well so they last longer. The prices of Ronin handsfree are in the lower ranges, making them affordable.


Pakistani Ronin

Ronin has a small range of accessories that are aimed at the modern digital lifestyle, this includes headphones, portable speakers, power banks and handsfree devices. This is a Pakistani brand which is based in Karachi.

There are two kinds of handsfree options, one which is wireless and works using Bluetooth and the others are wired.

Features and more

The Ronin handsfree devices are nicely shaped so they fit comfortably inside one's ear. There are also some which have a multifunctional remote embedded in them. There are also some models which have a better quality material known as thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs); this is a more elastic plastic which is durable.

Ronin also has options for one ear or both in their handsfree segment.


An advantage with Ronin is that the prices of their devices are in the affordable ranges, making it easier for more people to have access to their tech.

Price List

Model Price
Ronin- R-5 Crystal Clear Sound Handsfree Rs. 786
Handsfree R-4 Ronin Rs. 490
Ronin- R-825 IOS Handsfree Rs. 1,290
Ronin- R-9 Type-C Crystal Clear Sound Handsfree Rs. 762
Ronin R-15 Handsfree Genuine Bass Rs. 870
Ronin R-2 Powerbank + Ronin R-9 Handfree Rs. 850
R-007 Gamerz Handsfree Rs. 1,314
Ronin- R-15 Genuine Bass Handsfree Rs. 426
Ronin- R-9 Crystal Clear Sound Handsfree Rs. 503
Ronin R-14 Ambient Sound Handfree Rs. 900
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