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Compare 61 prices from 12 stores.

Compare 61 prices from 12 stores.

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Rs. 2599 - Rs. 70000


A Pakistani brand that has a small range of products including headphones. Ronin is competitively priced, providing access to a larger demographic.


Pakistani Ronin

Ronin is based in Karachi, this brand has a small catalogue of products for the modern digital lifestyle. Th brand produces portable speakers, earphones, power banks, handsfree devices and headphones. The headphones range is concise and available at an entry-level price range.

Features of Ronin headphones

Ronin headphones are wireless, with some buttons built onto the side of the ear-cup. These buttons allow the user to change parameters without having to take out their phone. With the option for a headphone that connects to one device and another that has multi-pairing abilities.

The multi-pairing allows for one to toggle between devices on the go. One could listen to music from their laptop and answer calls from their phone. The wireless playtime, as claimed by Ronin, is 24-hours; the headphones also have 3.5mm jacks so in case it dies one can always use the cable to listen more. The range is up to 33feet with the headphones being class 1 Bluetooth devices.


The price range with Ronin headphone is very competitive, providing a decent level of quality within their range.

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The best price of Ronin Headphones in Pakistan is Rs. 2,599 and the estimated average price is Rs. 12,369.

Price List

Model Price
Ronin R-5500 Gaming Headphone Rs. 8,400
Boost SONIC Headphone Rs. 4,200
Ronin R-870 Magnetic Wireless Earphone Rs. 7,560
Ronin R-690 Ultra Pods Wireless Earphone Rs. 8,400
Ronin R-825 100% Clear Sound Earphone Rs. 3,600
R-475 Earbuds Rs. 3,799
Ronin R-460 Dual Modes ENC Earbuds Rs. 10,800
Ronin R-390 Mini Gaming Smart Earbuds Rs. 10,080
Ronin R-130 Smart & Classy Wireless Headset Rs. 4,560
R-540 EarBuds Rs. 4,699
R-190 Earbuds Rs. 3,799
R-740 EarBuds Rs. 3,699