Ronin Power Bank Price in Pakistan

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The best price of Ronin Power Bank in Pakistan is Rs. 850 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,365.


Ronin is a local brand that is producing many electronic devices, among them are also power banks. Their portable power solutions come in many different capacities and designs. The prices are quite affordable for the power they provide.


Pakistani Ronin

A brand based in Karachi, Ronin has a small range of products. They make portable speakers, handsfree headsets, headphones and power banks. The power bank range is from a 2200mAh single charge to a large 20,000mAh capacity.

Portable convenience

Even with all the technological advancements the batteries in our portable devices don't last very long, power banks help bridge the gap. Mostly based on the Lithium-Ion battery, power banks come in varied power ratings that define how much portable power they can house within. Power bank power capacities are expressed in 'mAh', the higher the number-value alongside the more electricity it can carry and put out.

Ronin power banks

The range at Ronin is extensive, with multiple design forms even within the same power capacity. The starting point is a tubular 2200mAh power bank. The capacity goes all the way up to 20,000mAh. Ronin has a lot of power banks in the 10,000mAh capacity, different designs allowing one to pick which one is a better fit. There are also some variations with the LED lights that let you know how much battery is left, with a few that have an LED display with numerals for percentage. With wireless charging being all the rage, there is also a power bank that is Qi ready and charges any device that is Qi ready. Multiple units have the ability to charge two devices simultaneously. With options that have built-in cables for the phones to connect to. Generally, the design of Ronin power banks is simple and neat; compact enough to be easy to carry. Features include Fast Charging and a host of safety functions to keep your devices and the power bank safe. These include surge protection, short circuit protection and more. Most power banks in the range are based on Li-Ion cells but some are made with the more efficient and more compact Li-Polymer cells. The Li-Polymer ones have a longer overall life.

Which Ronin power bank you purchase is a matter of what your requirements are and what budget you have in mind. Generally, the price point is very competitive.

Price List

Model Price
Ronin R-70 8000mAh Wireless Power Bank Rs. 3,910
Ronin R-22 10000mAh Ultra Thin Power Bank Rs. 2,710
Ronin R-55 Power Bank 10000mAh Rs. 2,300
Ronin R-45 Ultra Thin Power Bank 10000 mAh Rs. 2,800
Ronin R-50 12500MAH Quick Charger Power Bank Rs. 2,399
Ronin R-245 2.4A Car Charger Rs. 3,060
Ronin R-245 2.4A Car Charger Rs. 3,060
Ronin R-809 Type C To Lightning 3.0 Rs. 1,170
Ronin R-71 10000mAh Power Bank Rs. 2,475
Ronin R-61 10000mAh Pure Metallic Power Bank Rs. 2,895
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