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The best price of Roti Makers in Pakistan is Rs. 2,850 and estimated average price is Rs. 6,619.


Save yourself time using the roti maker, a task that is a hassle can be fastened up to a great degree using one.

Pros & Cons


  • Convenient

  • Fast


  • Roti needs to be eaten soon after making


Roti must be round

Despite how simple the recipe is roti is one of the more difficult things to get right, especially a perfectly round one. Roti makers solve this issue by making the process a lot more simple, saving time and the hassle of being near a hot pan for extended periods. Of course, the process for a roti maker is slightly different when it comes to the dough as the machine works at different temperatures and that too on electricity and not a gas flame. Things cooked on electric stoves do taste different compared to a flame, just like how food made in clay pots is a little different from metal pots.

What to keep in mind 

When using a roti maker one has to keep in mind that fresh dough is needed, dough from the fridge results in the roti turning out hard. Fresh dough which is kneaded comparatively less made with a little extra water, about 15% more than normal and rested for an hour works better generally. While making the ball (paira) for individual rotis it is recommended to use a little oil on one's hand, not mixed into the dough. Just a glaze of oil so it sets better and the heat is more even, also cause the dough prepared for the roti maker is more sticky as it has more water content. This way it won't get stuck to your hands and be difficult to set down. The convenience of making rotis by a roti maker does have the draw back that they are better consumed soon after they are ready, if stored they harden faster. So fresh off the roti maker is best.

Price List

Model Price
Latest High Quality Wooden Roti Maker With Box Pa… Rs. 3,450
Roti Maker Rs. 7,500
Roti Maker Rs. 7,500
Super Rinnai De luxe Roti Maker Machine Electric … Rs. 6,000
Westpoint WF-6513 Roti Maker Rs. 6,170
WESTPOINT Roti Maker WF-6512 Rs. 6,150
WestPoint Roti Maker Model No. 6512 Rs. 7,400
Westpoint Roti Maker WF-6512 Rs. 6,000
Latest High Quality Wooden Roti Maker With Box Pa… Rs. 3,450
Westpoint WF-6512 Deluxe 8″ Roti Maker Rs. 6,089
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