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The best price of Rowing Machine in Pakistan is Rs. 595 and estimated average price is Rs. 4,522.


An exercise machine that is great for a low-impact full-body workout. The rowing machine is great for stamina and cardiovascular health. The price of a rowing machine depends on the type and brand. Some types are very expensive while others are much cheaper.


Rowing Machine

The rowing machine has been around in various forms for hundreds of years, with one of the first being designed to train inexperienced oarsmen. This first iteration was innovated by Chabrias, an Athenian general and admiral.

The basic concept is the same for all machines today. It is designed with an energy damper such as a braking mechanism which is attached to a chain, strap, belt or handles. There are footrests present so one can plant themselves firmly while rowing. Depending on the type, rowing machines have seats that move back and forth along a rail while one works out.

Advantages and disadvantages of rowing machines

One of the best things about the rowing machine is that it provides a full-body workout with low impact. It is great cardio without any part of your body hitting a surface, such as in running. So essentially you need just one piece of equipment to stay fit as rowing uses more than 80% of the muscles when done with correct form.

The disadvantage of a rowing machine is that it takes a toll on your lower back, but this is more an issue if your form is not correct. One should get some guidance before taking up a rowing machine for extended periods.

The different types of rowing machines

The most simple one is more a contraption than a machine, it has foot slots that are attached to a large spring which has handles at the other end for the person to pull at. This type will get you a workout but is not as effective as the better designs

There is another version that has arms attached to a hydraulic resistance system. This is good for people who want to spend comparatively less and have lesser space. But there is a drawback which sets most people off this kind of rowing machine; the movement is not akin to what rowing naturally is. This stops one from synchronising their arms and legs. The pressure can be adjusted with most models, increasing or decreasing the tension and thus the required force to row.

Flywheel rowing machines make use of air. These are simpler and if one wants to increase the tension you only have to pull harder. As it works based on air, the harder you pull the faster the flywheel spins, generating more wind resistance. Compared to the two types above, this rowing machine provides a way more natural rowing stroke. 

Magnetic rowing machines are known for being quiet. The flywheel and water rower both make a lot of noise. So perhaps for ones home the magnetic kind would be more ideal. The magnetic rowing machine uses a magnetic brake system to generate the resistance and one can adjust it.

The final type is the water-based rowing machine. This was originally patented by WaterRower. It is designed to emulate the feel of a boat moving over the water. One can hear the water swishing inside its circular container as one rows and some may like this sound. The resistance is created as blades spin inside the container that has water. Just like the flywheel rower, a water rower does not have resistance settings. To increase resistance one only has to row faster and harder.


Whichever type of rowing machine you choose, it is great to build stamina and work on heart health. People also use rowing machines while doing interval training.

Please check articles and videos for the proper form before you start rowing on one of these machines.

The price of a rowing machine depends on the specific kind and brand you choose. The water, magnetic and flywheel types are generally expensive; though there are some comparatively cheaper flywheel options.

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