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The best price of Royal Tag in Pakistan is Rs. 630 and estimated average price is Rs. 5,346.


Royal Tag is a fashion brand that caters exclusively to men. The styling of their apparel is modern and has a minimalistic feel. The patterns they do make use of are also not too overbearing, making for a good sober, neat look. The catalogue includes suits, shirts, T-shirts, polos, trousers and some eastern wear as well. Royal Tag is priced in a competitive manner, making it somewhat affordable for more people.


Royal Tag

The past few years have seen quite a few local brands spring up that cater to men's clothing, especially the western formats. Royal Tag is such a brand, it was started in 2012 and the vision entails being affordable with a good standard of quality. The designs are contemporary, which is essential to any clothing brand doing well. Especially since Pakistan, for a long time, has had western wear that was from a dated era. Brands such as these are welcomed in the market by all and perhaps more so by the younger generations. Royal Tag has all the various clothes one would need to complete their wardrobe, including eastern wear.

The Royal Tag catalogue

The brand has a focus on suiting for men, the choice formal attire in western wear. Their suiting range has plenty of colour and pattern options, also the option for three-piece suits or two-piece suits. This gives one ample variety to pick from. The cuts are slim; quite close to all the major brands one can think of. The suiting section also has a few blazers to offer, these can be matched with one's semi-casual wear or even shalwar kameez.

Along with the suiting, there is a whole range of formal shirts that one can wear with their suit. The formal shirts have cut-away collars that make ones style neat and are of course more current as well. Also, the fact that ties look better with cut-away collars. The fittings are either regular or slim, one can choose depending on their body type or the fitting they prefer. The casual shirts have slightly more pointy collars, some of which are button-down variants. The colour range for both of these types is sober, the patterns are also along the simpler lines.

Another form of casual upper wear includes polos and T-shirts. This section of their brand has a lot more options in comparison to the others. This makes for a lot more colour variations and patterns. Especially for the polos; including some that are full-sleeved. These designs are all very neat, making for a nice fit and look.

For the trouser segment, one can find chinos, dress pants and jeans. The chinos are great for casual wear and are without the middle crease. While the dress pants have a crease running down the front. There is a good mix bag with multiple colours, the cut though is generally slim giving them a tapered feel.

Aside from the western wear, Royal Tag also has some eastern clothing options. These include waistcoats that are made with a more ethnic style, shalwar kameez, kurtas and a single pair of white pants that people often wear with kurtas. The shalwar kameez have either band collars or they have the pointed collars. One can choose the style they prefer. The kurta segment has some slightly more funky options as kurtas are often worn at mehndi functions.


Overall the brand has a good design profile along with quality materials. A lot of which is of course cotton, a fabric that Pakistan is known for. They also stock a variety of accessories such as belts, ties, pocket squares and wallets.

The pricing at Royal Tag is competitive, they are able to provide good quality of products at rates that are relatively affordable. These are mid-range prices even for the most costly items that they have. One could compare Royal Tag to Brumano and Charcoal, they have a similar catalogue with relatively similar prices.

Price List

Model Price
SLIM FIT TEX SFT21607-BL Rs. 2,850
White Casual Shirt P22804-WT Rs. 1,625
Yellow Polo Shirt HR102-YEL Rs. 1,325
RT Slim Fit LN SFL21310-SKY Rs. 2,275
RT Polo Shirt RA2205-NY Rs. 1,425
Casual Shirt F/S PL S/F P22803-MR Rs. 1,725
Cotton Polo Shirt RT N308-NY Rs. 1,225
Black Plain Dress Shirt Rs. 3,650
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