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The best price of Rubber Gloves in Pakistan is Rs. 170 and estimated average price is Rs. 751.


Rubber gloves are used by people to keep their hands protected, there are single-use ones and the other kind which can be used multiple times. The single-use ones are more often used in labs and by doctors. The multiple-use rubber gloves are what people use to wash dishes or wear while cleaning their home. Rubber gloves are nominally priced items.


Rubber gloves

A glove made out of synthetic or natural rubber which is primarily worn to keep one's hands protected while performing tasks that could involve dirt, infectious matter or chemicals. If one needs rubber gloves for a science lab they should check which ones they would specifically need for the nature of work they do, not all gloves work for the various chemicals in labs.

Doctors wear them for surgery so the environment is as sterile as possible. Caregivers wear them when changing diapers, helping them keep their hands clean. Such gloves are also worn by people in the food-service industry, this makes sure they are not touching peoples' food with dirty hands. 

Rubber gloves are also worn for washing dishes to keep the hands safe from the effects of detergent. Cleaners wear them since the chemicals used to clean are harsh on the skin.

There are rubber gloves that are designed for single-use, these are the ones used by doctors, nurses and in the food-service industry. The second kind can be used again and are the rubber gloves people use at home to wash dishes or clean the house.


Rubber gloves were invented by William Stewart Halsted in 1894 as a means to help his wife avoid dermatitis from surgical chemicals; she was a nurse who assisted in surgeries.

The price of rubber gloves is generally nominal and the one-time use variant comes in larger packs instead of individual pairs.

Price List

Model Price
Examination Rubber Gloves Pack Of 100 Rs. 1,800
1Pair Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves Magic Silicone … Rs. 550
Rubber Glove Rs. 1,350
5 Pair Protection Latex Rubber Gloves Rs. 170
Rubber Gloves For Kitchen, Gardening And Other Pu… Rs. 250
Reusable Rubber Gloves Waterproof Rs. 250
1Pair Dishwashing Cleaning Gloves Magic Silicone … Rs. 550
Examination Rubber Gloves Pack Of 100 Rs. 1,800
2 Pair Protection Latex Rubber Gloves Rs. 199
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